A light, water-repelling ointment that gently relieves baby from sore, dry, chapped skin. Rich in antioxidants, herbs and botanicals, it helps prevent diaper redness and irritation.
Manufacturer: SETAF


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by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Works for adults too!

With no babies in the house and a monster heat rash under the bust and leg area, I was willing to try anything. My daughter-in-law gave this to me and it's a gift from the angels. The rash is slowly healing and it stopped that awful itching immediately. I'm buy two tubes so I don't run out. This is great stuff and I'm really critical of products that don't deliver on their promises.

by Nancy Price >> See more reviews

Baby is all smiles once again!

It's a little pricey but well worth it as healing is almost instant! We have always used Desitin but it doesn't even come close to healing as fast as Arbonne. It only takes a small amount and usually not more than one or two applications. It's also much less greasy than other products of this kind.

by Juliana Clark >> See more reviews

Worth It!

Never thought I'd feel so strongly about diaper rash cream. This stuff works really well, cured my son's diaper rash. It also has a nice scent. The other major brands all smell like medicine and I can smell it on him even with the diaper closed. This stuff has a very faint baby powder scent, which is what you want your baby to smell like! I only wish this stuff was a bit more affordable, but a single tube lasted us nearly 5 months!

Hands down (& bottoms up!) this is the best diaper cream out there!

Received this as a gift at my baby shower and I LOVE it! A little goes a LONG way and it clears any diaper rash right up (usually within 24 hours or less). I have used other creams/ointments before but this one is by far the best - I won't ever waste money on any other diaper rash cream - this is gold!

by Happy Go Lucky >> See more reviews

Wonderful product

I love this product not only as a diaper rash cream but also if I have razor rash. it really soothes it. My son had a bad bout of the flu which left his but raw from the diarrhea. This cream really helped heal his skin.

by Aron Wilson >> See more reviews

Works every time

We have a six week old and everytime there is the slightest diaper redness, we use this cream and it goes away within a few hours. The cream is very thick so you only need a little bit at a time.

Worked great on my first daughter

Worked great on my first daughter, but not with my second. We've since switch to Desitin on recommendation from our doctor. Desitin works just as well, cheaper, and locally available.

by Stephanie >> See more reviews

Love it

I received this product as a shower gift. My son is 9 months old and I;ve only ever had to use this once-it cleared it up immediately. Definitely recommended!

by Valerie Peery >> See more reviews

Used a few other creams that did not really help ...

Used a few other creams that did not really help before this one, but this one worked on my baby's diaper rash!

by Leia July >> See more reviews

Great cream.

Bought it for my grandchildren. Their moms love it! I would buy it again! When they need more, I will.