This soft, refreshing cleansing foam contains aloe extract that soothes sensitive skin, and cucumber extract to moisturize skin, while cleansing.
Manufacturer: Skin Food


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Super Drying!!!

I was really surprised to see great reviews. The product came faster than expected, so that's why I gave it 2 stars. It was wrapped in plastic when I received it and got a few free samples as well. It was wrapped in plastic. I notice it didn't have a stamp of approval or any kind of experation date like my other skin food products have. I also noticed that the label in the front was actually off center. The products consistency was odd. It came out thick and chunky, kind of like toothpaste. Once I put it on my face, it turned more into a foam consistency. After I washed it off, I noticed my skin felt super stripped of anything. Even my fingertips felt super dry. It was very strange. When I got outta the shower, my skin was already super dry and cracking. I Will say that I do have more sensitive skin, but I was surprised how drying it was after great reviews. I'm wondering if I got a counterfeit product or maybe an expired product. I'm going to go to the actual skinfood store by me and just spend the extra money to buy it. I'll see if I have the same problem with the store bought one.

Great, gentle product!

I switched over to this foaming cleanser after having a bad allergic reaction to the Clean & Clear Morning Burst. I needed something that would be gentle on my skin but still help me feel clean and fight breakouts. This has been everything I've hoped for and more. Not only is the scent clean/not over-powering, but the feeling of the cleanser on your face is soothing. I pair this with the Face Shop's Rice Water oil cleanser in the evenings and just use it by itself in the mornings and my skin has been SO much happier with me. If you have sensitive skin and problems with scents/abrasive cleansers then I would recommend this for you.

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Great for acne prone, oily or combination skin (deep cleanse but good moisturizing as well)

I love skin food products and have tried a LOT and have also bought some for my mother. If you have acne pron skin or oily spots on your face, I've found this to be one of the best products. It isn't made for severe acne but the aloe does have a healing property for acne and blemished. It will help clear up your skin while also refreshing and hydrating it. If you're like me and have combination skin, this is perfect because the aloe and things really give you a super deep cleanse in your pores and all, but the moisturizing properties keep you from getting dried out. It's really great truly- it literally leaves my skin squeaky clean in the show and only requires a very small amount to lather and use all over your face and neck. Def glad I tried this product and will always use it in the future too! Other face washes from skin food have been good and one was just ok but this is a really great, deep cleaning wash that moisturizes at the same time. so, as i said, its perfect for acne prone or combination or oily skin!

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good product

My roommate likes this product after she tried it. But I like the egg white pore foam more. So I use this Aloe Vera foaming cleanser in the morning when I take the shower. It's gentle but is not good for deep cleansing purpose.

Good Cleanser

I really like the cleanser and it makes my face feel nice and soft. It even does a great job of removing eye makeup. The only negative is that I don't think I was sent a full tube; it's more like only 2/3 full. Otherwise, very happy with product.

Good for normal skin, no effect on problem skin

Good for everyday facial cleansing but has no effect on problem skin, so if you are looking for a product to keep breakouts away, this might not help. I believe this product is best for people that have normal acne-free face.

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I won't be without this cleanser

Absolutely an awesome product. I use twice a day and my skin has never looked better. I use aloe vera foaming cleanser after applying rice cleansing oil to remove make-up. I use very little as it goes along way.

HG skin cleanser!

This is my go to face wash and I've already repurchased three times. I started using this after learning about Korean skin care. I decided to purchase a number of different items to incorporate into a morning routine. This product is one of the few that stood out as a keeper. The best I can describe the consistency would be as a 'squeezable mousse'. Its lightweight and after applying to face with water, it foams up. I use this every morning and haven't had a problem with drying. For my night time routine I also use rice water oil (another HG) which removes all make up prior to washing. I've never had a problem with acne prone skin, but I do have a problem with oily skin and this helps to keep it at bay. My 17 y/o daughter tried this as she was having constant problems with hormonal break outs and it has worked wonders on her skin. It cleared a majority of her acne without any other cleansers or treatment. We will continue to use this in our home and after having such great luck within it have decided to try more of the skin food line. Packaging and shipping: Shipping was fast, but it does take some time to arrive so I always order before I run out. It comes wrapped in plastic, which I appreciate, as there's never been any problem with the bottle being damaged or product leaking.

So amazing! It cleans my skin without drying it out ...

So amazing! It cleans my skin without drying it out and i barely get any breakout now. Also a little goes a long way and works up a generous lather!

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really nice product

it's a real pleasure to use this, it leaves the skin clear and soft. The scent is really nice too. it suits sensitive and dry skin perfectly.