The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs. The grip and extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle. Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length. Pro-vitamin b-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine. Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested. Waterproof.
Color: Very Black
Manufacturer: Maybelline
Size: .22 OZ
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by L. Staley >> See more reviews

Long lashes! Love it!

I was looking for a waterproof mascara that made my lashes longer, without plumping them into black gobs. I love the brush, it does just this--makes lashes look incredibly long and natural. I am a picky mascara person because I like my lashes to look nice, natural, and not fake. This does the job perfectly! It lengthens them and opens up my eyes without that obvious fake look that many mascaras produce. The brush is also narrow enough to use on those hard-to-get-at bottom lashes without making a big under-eye mess. So, if you want LONG lashes that look wonderful and accent your eyes rather than take away from them, try this mascara! Cons: None that I've found. As for mascara smelling, this one smells no better or worse than the rest of the bunch!

Best mascara to avoid racoon eyes

Why can't I buy this locally anymore? The only color in stores is black. My fair coloring needs brown, so fortunately I am able to order through Amazon--thank you! I teach exercise and dance, and after sweating all day, this mascara has stayed put and not run into my eyes or made rings below them.

The BEST mascara!!!

I have used this mascara for years.. Pros: Great mascara, I did a side by side comparison with this mascara and BENEFIT COSMETICS, They're Real! mascara, and when I asked friends which eye was better, they picked the Maybelline one. - I do my lashes with one layer of regular Maybelline Lash Stiletto, and then follow up with one coat of the waterproof Maybelline Lash Stiletto. It lasts all day and then washes off very easily with makeup wipe. Cons: Only issue I have, is that to have the long thin looking container, the brush is really long. So I have to hold my hair back so I don't get mascara on my hair beside my face.

Great day-time mascara!

I've tried them all, and I have to say this product leaves 'prestige' products in the dust. With mascara you have to decide on the look you want and then find a product that will give you that look. This is a daytime mascara, it's not sooty thick, nor voluminous. It gives long silky, kinda spiky but in a cool way, lashes. I LOVE it for my bottom lashes because it doesn't clump. I have this a few months now and I keep waiting for it to clump but it hasn't, not even a little bit. It still goes on silky smooth. Now, sometimes we want a clumpy thick sooty lash, and I've even left tubes of mascara open to encourage the formula to thicken a little, this is not the product for that.This give a clean, sophisticated, thin but full (I know that sounds like a contradiction) I mean the lashes individually are thin but collectively they look full. I love the definition I get with this mascara and it never feels like too much for day time. You know how you start out wanting to do a simple day-time look but you grab the wrong mascara and you end up with lashes that are too much for day-time? This product won't do that, I'd definitely recommend it to try at least once. And you can't beat the price!

by Larissa Musgrave >> See more reviews

Favorite mascara for holding curl on Asian lashes

This is absolutely my favorite mascara. I'm half Asian and my eyelashes are consequently stick-straight and grown at a downward angle. This mascara holds my eyelashes in a curl once I've curled them, and darkens, lengthens and slightly thickens my thin lashes. It's a non-clumpy formula and you can add a second coat for dramatic effect without making a mess. You need an oil-based formula to remove it. I actually just use grapeseed oil.

by I'd rather be at the Beach >> See more reviews

A Very Good Mascara...Almost a "One-Coat"

Maybelline Lash Stiletto has a brush that grabs just enough of the mascara that it really covers on the first coat! It is a good quality mascara or it wouldn't be able to do this, either. The brush distributes the mascara without clumping the lashes together. They have a good deal more volume and look a good deal longer. This is one of the better drug-store brand mascaras I have tried. I recommend it.

Love this Mascara!

I've been using this for over 5 years. Highly recommend it! It gives me the volume I'm seeking for and the length without any clumping. I've been asked whether I wear fake lashes! It really is that wonderful.

by Mary Adams >> See more reviews

Hard to find, but worth it.

As often times it happens, you find a product you like and are willing to pay full retail for, and then . . . you can't find it any longer, as it's been replaced by "something new"! This is a great mascara - I need waterproof because I wear contacts and I like the brownish-black color it comes in (not just harsh black). It gives my fine lashes the perfect emphasis without the BIG BIG false look that is the current trend -- however, that too can be achieved if you just keep reapplying.

i love it!

This stuff is definitely worth trying. I have tried about a dozen drug store mascaras lately and this is one of the best for length. I am Korean and have virtually no eyelashes. In thickness or length! I use this along with loreal voluminous in carbon black waterproof and my heated eyelash curler and it works wonders. I alternate coats starting with the loreal. The second coat of stiletto I apply to just the tips.

Best for the price. Really good waterproof Mascara.

Really good mascara for the price. I switched over from a much more expensive brand that rhymes with "hambone" (lol) because this is mire waterproof than the $28 one at the Macy's "hambone" cosmetic counter! This stays on through a good laugh, sneezes, or crying. Very good product in the waterproof formula.