Feature: Joico K-pac Color Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner 16.9oz Duo Set
Manufacturer: Joico


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Seller gives you fake product this is not Joico this seller is a fraud

Buyer beware this product is a fraud. I hope the seller is prosecuted for taking the money of others and selling fake product. The shampoo and conditioner do not have the smell of Joico. Also Joico only uses burgundy dispensers on the tops. The caps on this product were white. I hope this seller is incarcerated for their illegal activities. Please do not allow this seller to take your money and provide you fake product.

by Rise Traugh >> See more reviews

The product is counterfeit!

The product is counterfeit! I bought this with my fingers crossed hoping because there is no true seal on it that there was a chance this product was still real. Well I was wrong. After receiving the bottles I noticed the conditioner didn't smell the same (the real product has a strong perfume-like smell). After 1 use i noticed the consistency felt watered down and my hair still felt dirty after I used it. I took the bottles to a hair salon the next day to compare and low and behold everything except for the plastic bottle was different. The smells didn't match, the conditioner was thinned out and the shampoo was also a thinner consistency. There is a reason this only costs $30 for two bottles when the bottles are originally $30 a piece! It's unfortunately because the product is fake. Buyer beware.

by Moonberry >> See more reviews

Makes my hair frizzy and smells of chemicals

I had big expectations from this shampoo and conditioner. I have been using them for about a month. I have color treated hair and I thought they would help my hair look moisturized and conditioned with less frizz. Unfortunately, after every washing my hair gets extremely frizzy and my hair color fades just like it would from any other shampoo. Both shampoo and conditioner have a very strong chemical odor! I wouldn't be purchasing this shampoo and conditioner ever again.

by Chakracon >> See more reviews

I keep coming back...

For the price (very reasonable for a salon brand) I have not found a better product for my aging, colored hair. Now, if I want to moisturize "Ten" is a great product - at an even greater price - and by 'greater' I mean expensive! This Joico, however, is an affordable, highly effective, product. And, I like to follow it with the K-Pac Color Therapy oil - yummy for the hair!

by Jennifer Dodaro >> See more reviews

Great quality shampoo and conditioner.

I love this shampoo and conditioner, I am a continuing customer of this product and am happy with the size of bottles.

Great for distressed tresses

My hairdresser recommended this to me after an unfortunate bleaching accident incurred from a budding beauty school drop out. After lopping off much of my abused hair, my hairdresser explained that this was one of the better ways to manage color-treated hair while maintaining softness and hair integrity. No difficulties with shipping, the product arrived on time and the pumps are very helpful in the shower. My hair is a lovely shade of color-treated red and this has helped me keep the shade intact.

Joico K-pak Color Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

I LOVE these products. They have saved my hair. I had used a color lift on my hair that damaged it badly. These products have restored my hair and it on its way back to being healthy again. hey are a little pricy , but it takes only a small amount . Will be buying more of these products.

Just ok

I have really thick hair, and I have to use a LOT of both the shampoo and conditioner to feel like I get a lather and then enough coverage for conditioning. It smells nice but it is too thin. I haven't notice any significant change in my color staying than with any other shampoo.

by thea austin >> See more reviews

better then Shea moisture

Better then Shea moisture and cheaper I love this it makes my hair sooooooo soft my hair was so bad... I used this and the leave in and the deep conditioner OMG you taking about her coming back to life will this is it my blonde is the bomb and my hair feels so good


Never used this brand before and I actually was unsure when purchasing. I was worried and when it got here I was pleasantly surprised. Smells good, mild, the formula is nourishing. Almost feels high quality... Maybe it is? I will be finishing both bottles entirely.