A Foam Cleanser that gently removes makeup with a refreshing feeling. For troubled , oily skin, containing tea tree extract a natural antibacterial agent and AHA to effectively exfoliate dead skin with deep cleansing. How to use: Foam a desired amount with warm water and massage gently onto face. Rinse off with warm water.
Feature: Skinfood Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
Manufacturer: Skin Food
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Skinfood is a good brand.

If you have severe acne, it may not perform miracles BUT it is really gentle and cleansing. The amount you get for the price is not bad, and you don't even need that much of it (pea size amount if that). The only bad thing is the smell. I don't really mind it, but if you can't stand the smell of tea tree oil then I wouldn't purchase this product. I would recommend pairing this with another Skinfood item (maybe a toner or moisturizer) - I've tried the parsley and mandarin moisturizer and I really liked it.

by jean pass >> See more reviews

Stinky good product :)

I really enjoy using this product, really foams only using a very small amount. The smell is horrible, but if you can handle the smell as I have, you will be pleased with the effects from using this. Leaves my skin very soft and smooth, does not dry it out at all.

Every Day Wash

Since purchasing it first in Korea while I was there, I fell in love with how this cleaned my skin. I usually get very noticeable acne, but since using this, my face has cleared up so much.

by musiclover >> See more reviews

Good for mature (and slightly sensitive) skin

i adore skin food products, especially their face washes. but this one isnt one of their best. it's not bad by any means and can be the perfect one for certain skin types, but overall there are other skin food face washes that i would recommend more than this one. it DOES foam really well as their other ones do, it has a deep cleanse and leaves your skin feeling cleansed but soft. the smell is ok- a bit more spicy than fruity like some of their other products. i would def recommend this one for people with more mature skin...but has a gentle balance of cleansing and moisturizing properties and would be good for someone with more mature skin that is a bit sensitive as well. nothing abrasive about this face wash at all. it's not a deep cleanser or a deep hydrating or n extra moisturizing product. it's just kind of a product for average skin that doesnt need a specific focus in one area. Even if this isnt the product you are looking for exactly, I would still recommend you try out other Skin Food items because they are my all time favorite and really work well on my skin that is acne prone but also prone to dry skin as well! I have a weird combination skin and Skin Food has saved my life when it comes to skin issues :)

by Fran Chan >> See more reviews

Failed Clinique Substitute for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

I have oily, acne-prone skin. I was hoping to use this to replace my Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser but unfortunately after using the product, I broke out with acne I haven't had since using Clinique. The product itself may work well for others who just have oily skin. The Skinfood Tea Tree Cleansing Foam does well at removing makeup. A little goes a long way and the smell is not offensive. It just didn't work for my kind of skin.

Love this cleanser!

This is the first Skinfood product I've ever tried and used. Highly recommended! This products helps control upcoming breakouts for me. I LOVE IT! The product smells like tea tree oil and I'm fine with it. That might be a factor that others might have issues with. Will definitely buy more Skin Food products in the future :)

I feel like it's not doing much to my skin

I feel like it's not doing much to my skin. I love Skinfood products usually and this even came with some samples, but I feel like the cleansing doesn't have much affect. I'll keep using it though to see the end results. The smell is a little strange but it's soft on the skin.

which I love. It doesn't seem to help my acne

It doesn't leave any feeling of residue behind, which I love. It doesn't seem to help my acne, which is what I was hoping it would help with, but it didn't make my skin any worse, either, and I have sensitive skin.

The best!!

Clears my skin everytimw I use it without a doubt and I can still run my fave against my babies face after washing with it because it's good ingredients won't irritate his skin nor my sensitive, combination skin.

by emichan808 >> See more reviews

this company will give Origins a run for their money if they come to America...

This is probably the first product that does what it says for me. I tend to breakout once every month before my period and no cleanser or skin regimen has ever seemed to calm or lessen the breakouts like this has. You only need a pea sized dot every time you use this product because it is extremely lathery. With any other product, my skin feels tight and dry right after washing but with this, it felt clean and refreshed. It left no residue, my monthly acne clears up quite considerably so I'm happy! I went ahead and got the toner to go with so we'll see how that goes! :)