100% raw, unrefined, organic shea butter from Western Africa (Ghana)
Manufacturer: African Shea Butter Pure Raw Unrefined


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ziplock bag

I ordered this from the amazon seller sheaandmoredepot. I was very pleased with the shipping time and the product itself. I would have given this 5 stars except for the product did not come in a plastic tub or jar - it came in a ziplock bag. That's just a little inconvenient. I suppose it may work for some but I wish this was expressed in the details. But I would definitely purchase again, might use one of my old cocoa butter tubs and put it in there. Product was smooth when rubbed into skin. It was not grainy or gritty. I'm 7 months pregnant and I love shea and cocoa butter but most that I found locally are all mixed with a whole bunch of nonsense so getting the unrefined raw version was a necessity for me. My skin has been very sensitive (A bandaid worn for one day gave me dry patches!!) so to have this natural product just a click away is a great relief. :)

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KPANGNAN butter: If you got yellow butter, you got kpangnan butter - which is also Great for the skin!!

If you got the yellow butter, then you got kpangnan butter (from the kpangnan tree), which is another tree from the African rainforest. It is very similar to shea butter (from the shea tree) and has fantastic results on skin, just like shea. [...] It is characterized, among other things, by its yellow-ish colour. Because kpangnan is not widely known, it is often, mislabelled as shea. I've often encountered this. However, it is a great skin product as well. Shoulder to shoulder with shea. I learned about this product while doing research for a friend that had just come back from Africa and kept raving about the yellow shea butter :) She now knows it's not shea, but it's a great skin product under any name and she loves it! She has tried shea as well and favours this one. I have used it myself and was not disappointed. I just don't understand why they don't write the proper name on the butter. It's as if they think North americans only understand shea and nothing else. While we are at it, another great skin product out of Africa is baobab oil. Another great find for me :) Amazon carries this as well, great job, amazon.

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This shea butter is good, it is still a little grainy but much easier to apply than the yellow stuff you find in the beauty supply store. It also is less "crumbly" and has a nutty scent which I don't mind at all. I would have given this 5 stars, but I agree with the other reviewer that said the ziplog bag is a drag. You receive the item in a large ziplock bag. It's hard to use all the product without wasting some in the bag and it's clumsy to move around. I found an old tub of hair moisturizer, washed it out, melted the shea butter down and poured it in the old container.

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Not the promised amount of product

I ordered based on this item stating it was 16 ounces. I received 14.75 ounces. No excuse for misrepresenting the amount being sold. The shea butter itself is nice, ivory toned and pleasant. Truly, I think 14.75 ounces for $10.99 (shipped!) is a very fair price. It's just that I don't appreciate being shorted on a promised amount of product.

Unrefined Shea Goodness!

Rich, creamy, smooth shea butter!!! Good quality REAL ivory shea from NATURAL-COSMETICS, but my only disappointment was that it was sent in a plastic bag! Messy, but I'm thankful it wasn't hot out when it was delivered! For people wondering the difference, "ivory" shea butter is real, unrefined shea butter. The yellow is African butter, but still very moisturizing. "White" is refined/unscented. Shea butter has a comedogenic (pore clogging) rating of "0" so won't clog your pores. This makes it an AMAZING rich, safe moisturizer for your skin! I've just started using it for my face, and I can say this past week, my skin has been brighter, more supple, and even my sebum production in my T-zone has significantly lowered. I am so OVER paying for over-priced lotions... hooray for shea! Oh, and by the way, APPRECIATE our African sisters who make this -- it's tough work! Here's a you-tube video that's been broadcast in Mali to help educate women on how to make better shea: [...]

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An unsual moisturizer...but I'm growing to love it

I was first exposed to pure, raw African shea butter earlier this summer at the DelMar Fair -- and liked what I heard about its medicinal and hydrating qualities -- but I did NOT like the price for these tiny little jars the guy was selling! So -- being the savvy internet shopper I am, I decided to do my own research online to learn more about the product, what to look for and price points for what was available to purchase. This African shea butter happened to be offered by amazon as an add-on -- meaning, if I made a minimum $25 qualified purchase, I could add this product, which would have been very expensive to ship by itself due to its point of origin. I'd read that some shea butter has a very noticeable, earthy smell because it is only filtered for impurities, but not refined to cosmetic grade; that's definitely the case with this product -- and when I first opened the container and scooped out a tiny thumbnail's worth of the butter to warm and emulsify it between my palms and then apply it to my feet and hands, I was not sure at that point if I could make peace with that smell... It wasn't offensive: but it was distinct and not in any way perfumey. The long and short of it is, it's been a couple weeks now, and I am applying the product every night not only to my hands and feet, but also to my face and neck: and to be honest, not only is the smell a non-issue, I am so pleased with how soft and fresh my face feels in the morning when I awake, I intend to continue using this stuff for a long time...which, incidentally, will take a loooooong time, because it doesn't take much to moisturize my entire face, lips and neck -- so this 1# tub of shea butter (which, BTW, never expires in terms of its inherent beneficial qualities) will last me a while. I'm a convert. No more expensive anti-aging treatments (that don't work) for me. I'm goin' natural : )

Never will buy lotion again!


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Not Real Shea Butter

I am very upset with this product. It was a bright yellow color. They put a label on the ziplock bags it came in calling it yellow shea butter. I guess they figure someone stupid wouldn't know the difference. This is not real shea butter, shea butter can only be off white or ivory. It can range from light to dark ivory with a slight green hue but it can never be yellow. If it is yellow it is not shea butter it is from a different type of tree in Africa. The smell has a slight nutty smell but nothing like real shea butter. Check u-tube for a video called Shea butter 102; yellow shea butter. It explains how this is referred to in Africa as african butter. This is not what I ordered and this is not the same product shown in there pictures.


I use Shea butter in the making of home products for skin and am always cautious when purchasing online. This Shea butter was great. The packaging doesn't bother me as I put in a different container anyway. I was able to visibly see product before package opened. Right consistency as well. Glad I found!

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ThanK God for shea butter.

The shea butter arrived in a timely manner. It actually came sooner than I was expecting. My shea butter arrived in a foil bag. The shea butter was wrapped in plastic wrap within the sealed foil bag. It was divided into 2 8oz. sections. I also ordered raw cocoa butter and jojoba oil. I made my own skin cream with the shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. First of all the shea butter by itself was soft and rubbed easily and smoothly on my skin. The smell is... um- I call it "smoky-nutty." It isn't the worst smell. It isn't the best smell. When I rubbed it into my skin I barely smelled it. When I melted the cocoa butter in it- It created a nice scent. I whipped it/hand mixed it with the cocoa butter and oils that I mentioned until it became a thick cream. I actually was hoping to make it like a mousse but I soon realized that it doesn't remain very "moussy." It becomes more firm like soap. It becomes firm like soap BUT- IT MELTS WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE. It's like- once it hits your skin- it just melts like butter. I guess because it is butter.... I love the stuff! It makes and keeps my skin soft & supple. I slather it on my entire body once and my skin STAYS soft, hydrated and supple ALL DAY until my next bath/shower. I also smoothe it over my face before I put on my concealer and my concealer just smoothes on flawlessly. I recommend shea butter for everyone and if you're worried about the smell- just mix in a natural fragrant oil. I will always be a fan of shea butter and I already have the same shea butter from the same company on my wish list for future purchases. This supply might last me a while because I mixed it with a pound of cocoa butter and the oils that I mentioned and that filled one 4 cup pyrex container, one 12 oz. container that used to hold Blue magic hair conditioner AND it almost filled the 16oz. container that the cocoa butter came in (It's in soft chunks but if I melt it down- it might be a little less than half of the container.) I am using my supply from the cocoa butter container first. A little goes a long way because it melts so superbly. I'd bet that I created at least 2 months worth of mixture. It is a great investment. Shea butter is an awesome body butter. *I am LC from NC.* **EDIT** I described the texture of my mixture as firm soap but to be more accurate- the texture is more like CRISCO. It's soft and chunky and melts like butter.