Victoria's Secret Angel Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz
Feature: Victoria's Secret Angel Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz
Manufacturer: Victoria's Secret
Size: 8.4 Ounces


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by cartoonguy2002 >> See more reviews

Guys like it

I'm a guy. I like it. Girl at the office wore it, that's how I got the idea to order it. Try Bombshell too.

My favorite perfume!!!

This is my absolute favorite perfume! It's not too strong, but not too light. It smells wonderful & I always get compliments! This is always on my gift list for birthday/Christmas because I use it everyday. Would make a perfect gift for yourself, or someone special in your life...highly recommended!!

by Nikita Komachkov >> See more reviews


It is a bad product in a plastic bottle. It seems like it was diluted with water to make more money. I would not recommend buying it from Amazon, just visit local Victoria's secret store and get what you really want.

Chemical trash.

Watered down garbage, seems like it's more nail polish then the actual product that you can buy in the stores. Smells nothing like what we buy from the store. Would be perfect for removing paint off of your house.

Everything was great but one bottle of the two i bought had ...

Everything was great but one bottle of the two i bought had Leaked out into the package,and maybe that was do to one bottle having a different cap than the other,? two bottles the same,, two different lids ?

by Karen Johnson >> See more reviews

An angel of a purchase!

My daughter is 12 and asked for "Victoria's Secret" perfume for Christmas. This was a beautiful bottle (about seven inches tall!) and a great smell for a tweener or young teen! We love it!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews


I was very pleased with the size of the bottle purchased as a gift for my daughter. It is a favorite fragrance and made the perfect gift.

by Salaina Hays >> See more reviews

angle wings

my daughter is a huge fan of angle wings and Victoria Secret so this is a winning combination she loved it

by Bootlover >> See more reviews

Fave Fragrance

My fave fragrance from VS! They have discontinued it but can still get it here!

by Stephanie Hahn >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Wonderful! I'm always getting good complements!