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Doesn't Your Face Deserve The Finest? Check Out Our Reviews To Learn What THIS Vitamin C Serum WILL Do For YOU TODAY! Hi, this is Pamela, Co-Founder of Day by Day Beauty. Are you like one of the millions of men and women looking for a way to effectively fight the signs of aging skin? Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE our Vitamin C Serum: - It nourishes your skin with antioxidants and rich, hydrating ingredients!
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles!
- Every bottle is organic and eco-friendly!
- Sensitive skin? This is what you've been looking for!
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You'll love how easy it is to beautify your face. Once you've seen for yourself how quickly our Serum nourishes and beautifies your skin, I'm sure you'll have LOADS MORE than 5 reasons to love it! And if you order today we have a special bonus just for you: ~FREE eBook "Sexy Skin Secrets" is a compact 45 page guide to your most beautiful skin now and for many years to come. It's our gift to you for buying today. Imagine the way you'll feel when people compliment your beautiful, toned skin. Picture what it will be like to watch your skin rejuvenate. Just click the yellow "Add to Cart" button at the top of this page Now to have your very own bottle rushed straight to your door.
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by IpeddleBlooms >> See more reviews


I'm a woman who has been serious about my skin for about 8 years now (I'm 48). A professed beauty product addict, I have tried many MANY creams, lotions, oils, repair, anti-aging, complexes, serums etc from the drug store brand to the $100/oz bottles. I also think it's important to tell, I truly give each product plenty of time to show some results and I'm religious with my daily routine. That said, I have felt my skin had reached its peak a couple of years ago, began to think my skin had become immune. THIS product has shown results. I am not a scientist so I'm not sure what had changed, but my skin looks better! Younger looking for sure and I saw these results within the first few days. I'm in retail and I've gotten more compliments on my skin in the last three weeks than in the past three years! Even my 23y/o daughter just told me my skin looks so good!! For the price, I would be foolish to change. Oh how I love the idea of a "go to" product. I also love that they are a small business, not a huge conglomerate. No more research and trials for me. I'm hooked. I hope this review helps all ladies like me. Thank you Day By Day, please make more products soon

by Cindy Daniels >> See more reviews


I gave it 5 stars because you cannot go any higher. I have been using this product for 4 weeks and actually started seeing results in 2 weeks. The overall tone of my skin is even and brighter, my pores are smaller and almost gone. I can wear this all day with no greasy feeling by the end of the day. You also do not need much, it goes a long way. I have another bottle left (I bought 2 the first time and I just ordered 2 more. This will last me a very very long time. Customer service with this company is OUTSTANDING!!!! They are very intune with you being and staying their customer. No pressure but they really care how it is working for you. If you have any questions or concerns your email is answered immediatley. They really care about your happiness and sucess with this product.

by Gretchen Sepulveda >> See more reviews

Amazing Product.

I believe in taking my time to review and talk about skin care products. It is simply because those types of products need time to truly see the results and to reflect on their true benefit. Truly something that cannot be done overnight. Despite what they claim. I also find that the review might change dramatically from one day to another. For example I may like the moisturizer one day but the next day may wake up with a rash. Needless to say the best way to review skin care is simply to wait. Today I am going against the code. Why? On May 13th, 2014 I received my Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum. A serum can make me go against my code? Yes, very much so. Here is why. This vitamin c serum is a triple threat made with the finest quality Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid. Key ingredients in the fight against age spots, wrinkles, and those stubborn fine lines. Along side those power house ingredients are also Aloe, and Jojoba Oil; which deeply hydrate and heel skin. Giving you hydrated, clear, soft, supple, and simply gorgeous skin. The best ingredients to truly benefit and target the key problems all us women and men share. It is such a power house of ingredients with true benefits and yet so gentle. Making it a essential part of the skin care routine for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and can not always use these types of products but I have found even after daily use I have had no sensitivities what so ever. The formula itself is a thin clear consistency, odor free and your skin just drinks it in. My skin is so hydrated, soft, firm and so vibrant after using it only for two weeks. It has truly benefited my skin and will surely be part of my skin care regiment for years to come. I am truly a fan and I believe if you try it you will be too.

by Melissa Kaufman >> See more reviews

Great results! Love the price!

I have been using a vitamin C serum for over 10 years and decided to try this product to compare. My old serum was 2-3x as much and this product delivered as well and even better. My skin has stayed smooth and hydrated this winter. I also feel like it has helped with my fine lines. Very pleased!

by B.D. Dale >> See more reviews

Finally Something Which Works

When I was younger, I never thought about the day I'd need facial cream. However - they day has arrived and this product is all it claims to be. If considering buying this product, here are things to consider; Pros: - makes my skin feel hydrated - only requires a small amount to use so can last a long time - can be used to deal with unwanted blemishes - Really helps with facial wrinkles Cons: - I only wish the bottle was a bit bigger but still delivers on the promise

by HealthyDetox >> See more reviews

Believe the reviews

I'm here to tell you I do not work for this company and I'm just some gal in upper michigan who was searching for the latest and greatest in skin care for aging skin. (I saw a lot of people that felt the positive reviews were from marketers I guess). I'm 40 and I have a lot of sun damage and cannot afford a peel right now. I was skeptical probably like you are reading this, like geez, an awesome product on Amazon but the reviews were convincing so I gave it go. I saw a difference in my skin after one use and even better after each day. I won't go without it. I use it in combo with Arbonne's night cream. It probably helps that I'm a health fanatic, like organic vegetable juicing etc and I don't drink soda, I stay hydrated, and I exercise (that all enhances anything you try to do to prevent premature aging) but this stuff works and works exceptionally well, amazing. I will buy again and have been recommending and now I may have to try their other products. It smooths out your skin, lightens it, and it just looks friggin amazing... try it you will not be disappointed. PS if this helps anyone, I am pretty European in origin (bl hair/green eyes etc). I have acne scars and sometimes large pore issues and it's amazing how much improved (80% or more and it's been less than a few weeks).

Helps me put my best face forward

I'm quite proud of myself for making this purchase. I'd been thinking of what I could do to put "my best face forward" at this juncture in my life and this product really spoke to me. I like the idea of doing something each day that makes me feel really good, and takes good care of my skin and appearance. I like the results I'm getting and it feels wonderful to use it... soothing and luxurious! It may seem simple and that's part of its charm and attraction to me. I purchased another as a Christmas gift for my sister and will recommend it to my friends. I will definitely buy this product again.

by reader101 >> See more reviews

Exceptional Product that does exactly what it is supposed to do

I have heard about Vitamin C Serums before and how good they can be for the skin, but I never had much luck until I found this product. This Vitamin C serum is different from anything I have ever tried before. It makes me skin completely radiant and beautiful. After using this product, my skin actually glows, it is incredible. The best part about it is that I have told a few of my friends and even my mom about this product and now they are in love with it to! It really works just as good as you would hope it would. If you have fine lines or discoloration, this product is your saving grace. You will never know how you ever lived without it. I take this serum everywhere I go, even if I am going for a weekend trip, this serum is going with me. This product is truly amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for more gorgeous looking skin.

Love this product!

I LOVE this product! It is the perfect addition to my beauty routine. This serum has helped reduce those fine lines that appear once you approach forty and leaves your skin glowing. I will definitely reorder more of serum! UPDATE: I have been using this product for three months now and have noticed positive changes with my skin. Such as fine lines diminishing and a glowing complexion. I love the way my skin feels and looks! I am hooked and this is part of my beauty routine for sure.

Noticeable results!

I was using the last drops from my first bottle when I had a doctor's appointment. Among the first few things he told me was: you look extremely healthy. At that exact moment I remembered that my husband told me the evening before that my skin looks more "youthful" - which is very rare, he's not into this kind of remarks. What I see in the mirror: the skin is more firm than before and there's a glow that wasn't there before the treatment. I ordered a bottle for my sister and I'll definitely update my review after I hear from her. Update: She's very happy with the results and decided to continue with it!