Made with pure, organic aloe vera & polysaccharide-rich AloeSorb. Certified 94% organic aloe vera. No parabens, artificial colors or fragrances. Aloe Vera 80 products contain a minimum of 80% certified organic aloe vera and polysaccharide-rich AloeSorb. T
Manufacturer: Aloe Vera 80
Size: 8 Ounces
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by Maria Bickle >> See more reviews

"Organics" says it all.

I bought this for my husband. A redness began around his hairline. I was concerned because of all the junk he's used on his hair. In trying to get and keep my family healthy, I have switched to organics whenever I can get/find them. This includes skin and hair. After using this product for a few months, not only did the redness begin to fade, it did finally go away. When he ran out, he used some cheap junk before I could get more ordered. The redness returned. SOLD.


Great stuff. Really the best I've EVER used. It is a medium hold without a scent and with no sticky feel. I do not like a scent in hairspray, I'd rather not have it compete with any perfumes I wear. Also, no alcohol, which is great because it will not leach the color out of my "Naturtint" colored hair. I also like the organic ingredients. If you run hot water over the spray nozzle after use, it will help the spray nozzle not to clog. I am pleased that organics are doing the job better for me than the plastics and chemicals in many nonorganic products.

by Katie Cole >> See more reviews

Truly Unscented & Fragrance Free

This is the only unscented/fragrance free hairspray I've tried that really does not have a scent. Most "fragrance free" hairsprays have alcohol in them (this one doesn't), and we've discovered that even alcohol gives off enough of a scent to really bother my husband. This hairspray does a reasonable job of holding my hair. I have to make sure my hair is completely dry before spraying it or it doesn't seem to hold well (that may be because my hair is very thick). If I comb or run my fingers through my hair after applying it, I find I need to spray my hair again. It doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff like a helmet, and it washes out easily. When I spray it, it does leave a sticky residue on the bathroom floor, counter and walls. I find I have to wash them down more often. (For me, that's a small trade-off to finally be able to use hairspray again.) If you absolutely can't handle any scents or smells, this is the best hairspray I've found.

It Works.

Alcohol is really bad for your hair. It dries it out leaving it open to severe breakage. Not matter what reconstructor you use on your hair or how great the conditioner, as soon as the hair shaft is damaged that damage is permanent. Lily of the Desert offers up this excellent styling spray. It gives the hair a ton of hold without weighing it down. I don't know if it will work on all hair textures but it does the job on mine. The smell is little to non-existent. The main issue I have is with the spray nozzle, tends to clog. But on the whole, a great product.

by Ms. Neona Rice >> See more reviews

Light, Perfect Hold Without the Junk

I have used this product exclusively for over a year now. It really does the job without all the junk and stink of comparable products. I spray it on when my hair is drying and it gives light hold and bounce. If I put my hair up I can spray it on closer and heavier, and I get a stronger hold. I really love this stuff.

Better than regular hairspray

I love this product so much that I ordered 6 bottles total! It doesn't dry out my hair like standard hairsprays and styling products. My hair holds its style without being sticky. I have used it on damp hair while styling with a blow dryer and it works great! I ordered a supply to assure I would have it should they decide not to produce it with their Rosemary & Lemon Shampoo and Conditioner. Wish I had known it was going to be discontinued, darn. My Amazon Prime had it delivered on time, as usual. I shouldn't have to order for a while, but will as needed.

Great no-alcohol hair spray

When my eyes started getting sensitive to various things, I had to change my hairspray to one that did not contain alcohol. It helped some, but in the process, I found this hairspray to be the best non-alcohol hairspray available, that actually holds your hair in place, without making your hair feel like a hard hat. Really good product.

Best Unscented Hairspray

My local Whole Foods stopped carrying this great product. Thank god for Amazon. If you're fragrance sensitive you'll be very happy with this hairspray. Heck, you'll love it even if you love perfumed stuff because it's a great pump style hairspray. Holds well & it's not sticky.

This is the perfect hairspray for a very light

This is the perfect hairspray for a very light, natural hold with flexibility. It has no smell or alcohol in it, which is what I like. This is great for everyday hairstyles, but for a special occasion, a stronger-holding spray might be needed.

Glad to Find This Product

Have used this for several years but the two places I could buy it stopped carrying it. I was glad to find it online. For me, it works better than other products I have tried to minimally keep my hair in place for the day.