This Registered Formula Valerin®, from Wonder Laboratories, will absolutely relieve leg cramps, muscles cramps, feelings of tension and stress day or night. Just a few tablets morning or evening or both and you will rest easy, sleep better and not be hindered by leg muscles cramping.
Manufacturer: Wonder Laboratories
Size: 90 Tablets
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by Sourisnue >> See more reviews

Great Stuff!

I bought some B12 from Wonder Labs and they sent this as a sample. I got them a few years ago as a sample and liked them at that time as well but never bought a bottle. After trying the second sample - I'm going to buy the small sample. I took them for sleep and they worked great! Felt calm and refresed in the morning. Had been trying melatonin and it was having the opposite effect on me.

by Amazon Enthusiast >> See more reviews

A Specialized Blend of Valerian: Great Sleep Support, Gentle Stress Reliever, May Help Relieve Muscle Cramps

This is a gentle, natural sleep aid that can also be used during the day, if needed, to help relieve muscle cramps, treat headaches, or reduce stress levels. "Valerin" contains Valerian, an herb well-known for its relaxing effects; if I'm not mistaken, it's actually been shown to lower CORTISOL levels. Elevated cortisol levels can make you feel stressed, jumpy, or anxious. Elevated cortisol levels can also lead to middle age's 3:30 AM "startle" wake-ups, when some people get a surprise surge of adrenaline and can't get back to sleep (not fun if you need to be up at 6AM). Personally, I use Valerin occasionally as a sleep aid. Every week or two, I'll use two of these tablets, along with about 800 mg of magnesium, when I feel I need a little help getting a good night's sleep. I've tried straight Valerian herb tablets and tinctures, but they just did not work as well as this combination of Valerian and other herbals. There's still a mild "sweaty gym sock" smell (signature of Valerian) with these tablets, but it's not nearly as strong as the straight herb--my cat, BTW, thinks these smell ABSOLUTELY DIVINE : ). As with any herbal supplement, I'd strongly suggest you do a little web research to verify there aren't any conflicts with your other medications or supplements. In my opinion, this is a high quality supplement, well worth its premium price. As I mentioned, it works better for me (and smells better) than straight Valerian.

by Patricia A. Spencer >> See more reviews

A Great Substutue for Harsh Meds.

I have a back injury and take muscle relaxers to help - the usually do me in for over a day - I found Leg Cramps, Muscles Cramps and decided to give them a try. They work the same for me as my prescription meds. without the harsh side effects. I can take two before bed and be able to function the next day, unlike with my regular meds. My husband even uses them when he has been using muscles that he normally does not use.

by Patricia Clark >> See more reviews

natural relaxant

this product o.k. for sleep.......did little for my upper back which is in constant knots

by Julie D Jenkins >> See more reviews

Awesome for anxiety, muscle cramps, soreness, inability to relax and fall asleep.

This product is amazing! I used it while prenant and never had a sleepless, uncomfortable nights sleep. Also it works for my husband who's work is not only stressful but physically difficult. He always comes home with anxiety and stressed, cramped muscles. He will take 2 of these and sleep perfectly. Without them he tosses and turns and is up and down all night. He is also one who has to take double or triple the dose of any muscle relaxant for it to be effective. I love that just two works for him and its natural!

Great for stress and calming

Wonderful natural effects but a very strong odor. I am hyper sensitive to smell sometimes and even though I loved the effects the product has, I couldn't continue to take it because it upset my nose and stomach too much. I would definitely recommend it to everyone to try and see if it can work for you.

by M. Kinzler >> See more reviews

Great Results

I purchased Valerin for leg cramps, muscle cramps for my son who suffers from sever cramps after using the product the results were A+.

by WvLinlady >> See more reviews

Amazing product I cannot be without

I have been taking this for cramps for years now. Amazing product I cannot be without. Stops cramping legs and hands within 10 minutes.

by Barbara V. Gallagher >> See more reviews


This product does what it is intended to do. It has stopped the cramps in my legs when I am sleeping. I wake up refreshed.

by Curly Girl >> See more reviews

Better for tense/tight muscles than for preventing muscle cramps

Great product for helping with tight/tense muscles (not muscle cramps like charley horses), great for calming nervous system, and very helpful and non addictive for helping fall asleep and get a good quality of sleep. Not good for preventing muscle cramps (usually due to low magnesium or potassium, or an imbalance of calcium/magnesium). Try the popular homepathic leg cramp formula for that issue - it works while you fogure out which minerals you need. :)