Buy TerraNova Women's Perfumes - TerraNova Shea Blossom 0.3 oz Perfume Essence Roll-On
Manufacturer: TerraNova
Size: 0.3 Ounces


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by C. Patterson >> See more reviews


Fresh & floral with out being sweet or strong. It lifts my mood. Love it luv it luve it :)

An Interesting Twist To My Summer Scent

I am a real stickler regarding my perfumes. At first I didn't like the smell of this perfume but decided to try it again the next day and I do like it. It is fresh with a twist. I haven't worn it really around people yet so I may come back with others opinions later but for now I am wearing [...] Shea a Blossom perfume. I'm not sure yet if I will purchase again but it is worth trying especially for the summer. You don't need much so I expect it to last a while.

by Baby Bunny Bear >> See more reviews

Doesn't last very long

While I do like the way this smells, I was a little disappointed that it doesn't last very long. I buy a lot of perfume oils because I have sensitive skin and I can't wear perfume that has alcohol in it. The advantage to oils rather than traditional perfumes is that the fragrance lasts a lot longer, but with this one, I couldn't smell it anymore after about an hour. Also, it's a bit expensive for the size, especially since it doesn't have any staying power.

by S. Davies >> See more reviews

Light, interesting

This strikes me as very grapefruity, not sweet at all, "dry." It might be a good top note to fragrance that's overly sweet. As usual with TerraNova, the quality is very good, still checking on how long it lasts.

by Joy E. Furey >> See more reviews

Delightful scent and no-alcohol

TerraNova's Shea Blossom Perfume smells super and since it is a perfume oil, the scent remains true after you've put it on. The massage oil is great too and can be used like a perfume. I love this product.

by Marcy Simon >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love this fragrance. Could not find it, so was very happy to see it again.

by Nancy Sue >> See more reviews

Nice fragrance

Nice fragrance, wish the scent lasted longer, typical for oil perfume.

by Tara smith >> See more reviews

Five Stars

This is the best fragrance, sup super light and refreshing

by Teri L. Humphrys >> See more reviews

Simply Perfect

This perfume smells soooo good. It is a perfect fragrance for a hot summer day - very fresh and light. I LOVE it!