Terre d' hermes by hermes for men has the history of an alchemic journey through the elements: earth, air and water. A woody, vegetal and mineral fragrance. This is for the man who has his feet firmly on the ground, but his head is in the stars. A creation encapsulating all the earth's elements, like wood,flowers, and stone .Key ingredients of grapefruit and peppers give the fragrance vigour, whilst the earthy aromas of vetiver and cedarwood add richness and aroma.
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Manufacturer: Hermes
Size: 75ml/2.6oz
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great deodorant

Hermes deodorant smells great, does the "job" of taming that sweaty smell, AND lasts me a year...so who cares if it costs a minor fortune ($30.00) ?

Expensive But Long Lasting

It's expensive but I've been using mine everyday for over a year. The French do not use additives to high end toiletries to shorten the lifetime of the product like you would find in other cheaper deoderants. It doesn't smell exactly like the classic Terre D'Hermes. But as it mellows it gets closer to the scent. I also like the squat size of the container as it takes up less space when traveling. I'm amazed at how long it is lasting.

by E. Jankowski >> See more reviews

Receives Lots of Compliments.

This is a friend's favorite cologne, so I got this for xmas and he liked it VERY much. It doesn't hold back on the great scent of the cologne coming through in the deodorant, hence the price tag. But I'd buy again. Smells again and is strong enough that should you wear it others would smell the scent. My friend gets compliments often times.

by Justin G. >> See more reviews

but if it doesn't smell nice all that is useless

Really not a fan of the smell. It does last for a long time, and serves well as deodorant, but if it doesn't smell nice all that is useless. Smells like soap and also grungy hippy at the same time.

by Gilbert T. >> See more reviews

The smell is exceptional and will recommend to all men out there to try it

The smell is exceptional and will recommend to all men out there to try it. I have been using Obsession for Men for a long time, but trying this product makes me feel more manly.

Five Stars

The product is good only the srvice/delivery gave trouble.

by Mark H. Goldberg >> See more reviews

Exppensive but worth the price

Great scent and doesn't irritate my skin

by alpha lebbie >> See more reviews

overpriced !

Product is good but over priced @ $59.

by steve troyer >> See more reviews

Three Stars

the spray smells better

by Valentin L. >> See more reviews

Five Stars

love it....best quality