Brazilian Miracle Cream is the only all natural approach to Butt Enlargement, Our Butt Enhancement Enlargement Cream contains a proprietary blend of herbs traditionally known for their ability to increase the size and shape of a womans butt
Manufacturer: Butt Enhancement Enlargement Cream


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Brazilian Miracle Cream is Excellent!

I have been using this cream for approximately 2 weeks. Already I have seen an improvement of cellulite reduction in my stomach area and legs. My butt looks rounder and is more lifted. I am extremely pleased with this product.

Total waste of money

This does not work at all, please don't be fooled and buy this. It's just like rubbing any lotion on your butt and it has no effect what-so-ever.

not working for me

I have been useing it for a while now nothing has changed. So far it is a waste of money.

Three Stars

Does it work? I don't know. It didn't work for me but it might work for you.

yes love it

as we all age and the skin can sag i was looking for a product that did what it promised. ive been useing brazilian miracle for about a week now, i have seen results in certain area's all ready. the booty isn't bigger yet but i have faith that with regular use it will get there. i think the tubes could be a little bigger since i for one use it on several area's of the body, all in all great product..

by Coco Chanel >> See more reviews

Did Not Work

Dont be fooled, this product didnt do a thing. It was just like rubbing lotion on my skin. Plus it smelled funny. Dont waste your money.

by LETIZIA VIRTUOSO >> See more reviews

One Star

I was vey disappointed-smells bad and did not improve anythig.

by brianasophie >> See more reviews

So far a piece of junk!

This smells invigorating BUT doesn't do a single thing. Packaging sucks- you get a simple tube with cheap sticker paper on it... There is definitely NOT enough in this crappy tube especially for the price you pay...... I'm horribly displeased.

Alittle does not go too far

I like this cream the problem is its a small tube and it does not last so how can you get good results if your trying to spare it. Besides it is very expensive for a small tube. I wish it was either a bigger tube for your money or less expensive.

Waste of money

Does not work. Save your money.