Solve the challenges of dull, dry, color-treated hair. Color Care Conditioner with Fade Guard Technology, containing Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil, helps protect against fading and extends the life of your color vibrancy. Moisturizes and nourishes to help s
Manufacturer: Total Results by Matrix


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by Stephanie >> See more reviews


I tried to make myself think I was losing my mind, but after my husband confirmed my thoughts, I threw this conditioner away. It had the most disturbing odor, similar to urine. I am going to assumer that it was 'old' and had been on the shelf for too long. It was just easier to say lesson learned and not to buy hair products without smelling them. Will not purchase this conditioner again.

by Skeletons93 >> See more reviews


I recently have bleached my hair. And even tho the bleach kit had its special contents in taking care of my hair (such as shampoo and conditioner) I still used this and it made my hair very soft. :).

by Annette Sanderson >> See more reviews

Five Stars