Extreme Tingle T70 Bronzer With Hemp & BioBronzeTM Technology New Tingle T70 B Au Natural blend: Cayenne Chili Pepper is blended with traditional tingle to produce super -hot, instant reddening. Intense Botanical Bronzing Blend: Henna, botanical darkening extracts and melanin enhancers deliver ultimate bronze results. Eco Chic Tanning: Botanically based BioBronzeTM, a glowing tan activator, preps the skin for gorgeous, dark color. Botanica Oil Blend: Crambe, Avocado, Hemp and Safflower Oils are nature's best moisturizers prepare skin for dark color.
Feature: T70 Tingle
Manufacturer: Swedish Beauty
Size: 8.5 Ounces
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Loved the results!

I feel like i am already darker after using it twice, however i am not a big fan of the smell. I feel like it helps you get past that plateau where you feel like you aren't getting any darker so i can ignore the smell. Oh & the name says it right, it does get HOT!

definitely tingles

I tried a sample pack of this a couple of nights ago and man does it work!!! Definitely for the tingly/hot lovers.Intensifies the tanning experience with great results!

Great product real lotion not fake

i got the lotion in 3days! fast delivery, great items. only for experienced tanners. lotion turns you red bringing blood to the surface to tan faster, dont get it if you burn.

Great product !!

Been using tingle products for a while now , this product REALLLY is great !!!! I will be purchasing another bottle !!! It does what it claims ... And is HOTT!

by Jessica Brown >> See more reviews

Hot green tease

I worked great! I would recommend it for anyone looking for tanning lotion that has tingle in it. Swedish Beauty has great products.

by Herb Fonseca >> See more reviews

Great product

Great product does the job. I have tried others, this is a very good. You won't be sorry. I'm very happy with the results

... for tanning because they use natural ingredients and are good on my skin

I only use Swedish Beauty products for tanning because they use natural ingredients and are good on my skin. I was looking for a lotion to really help me get darker each tanning session. This lotion was a HUGE mistake. I expected some tingling, which would be fine, but this stuff makes me feel like I'm getting a horrible sunburn when I'm laying in the bed, after only 5 minutes, I normally tan for 15. So once my time was up I was not 'a little red' but BRIGHT red, like a sunburn. I go to a tanning bed to avoid burning! The big problem is it makes my skin actually hurt like it's burned and it lasted for over an hour after I tanned. My young child wanted me to hold them an hour after I applied the lotion and tanned and a few minutes later they were red where they had touched the lotion still on my skin. Had to bathe them right away to remove it. Then I showered to get this stuff off so I can safely hold my kid and 30 minutes after my shower when this mess finally started to wear off, my color faded back to exactly what it was before, like I hadn't even tanned!! Save yourself, and anyone who touches you, the trouble and stick to other dark tanning lotions. This is useless and physically painful. Will NEVER buy this one again!!

by Sophia Jones >> See more reviews

Great results from Tingle Factor Lotion, it is exactly as advertised. Smells great, quick shipping, ordered 2 more bottles.

Received Item Quickly. I love Tingle Factor Indoor Lotions, as I do not care for the staining and uneven color that bronzers bring with them. I worked at a Tanning Salon throughout my teens and always found that Swedish Beauty worked best with my skin. I do believe that different products are best for people. Anyways, yes this does Itch and Burn quite a bit- as a tingle lotion is supposed to do; please do not use unless already accustomed to lower based Tingle lotions. Although I do mix in a "Body shot" a few times a month- this lotion works extremely well. It smells wonderful, I do not get burnt but receive a nice olive color. Do not expect to get a "Deep Bronze" as only a bronzer can achieve this look, but it does give me a year-round tan and it is worth every penny. I can tell it has a bit of protective qualities for aging/ etc as it has a slick, soft consistency. Any negative reviews about it's texture obviously left their bottle in the heat too long or let it sit for a year before using it. DO NOT USE ON FACE or OUTSIDE! You will get burned.


Well this product is good at first but after the third use of it i didn't see much of a difference in my tan not impressed

by Shelley Clemons >> See more reviews

Absolutely Terrific

This product is AMAZING!!! It has the tingle and even after the first application, I could see a real difference!!! I would recommend this to anyone! If you don't like a tingle factor, pick something else...it is hot!