This dazzlingly original tingle bronzer has been polished and shined to reveal its ultimate sparkle. Featuring its original T2 tingle power, this tanning "gem" has an updated look with a new, more moisturizing feel. Expose your fundamental Swedish Beauty with the refreshed, refashioned and renewed color of Pink Diamond. T2 Tingle: Increases level of oxygen to promote faster, darker and longer lasting color. Carat Complex: A bronzing combination that provides a deep, underlying dark tone to enhance your tingle color. Firming and Toning Blend: Caffeine and Allantoin tone and firm the skin by helping to stimulate tissue growth. Polished Smooth Skin: A unique trio of ingredients condition, heal and soothe to keep your tingle at the perfect balance of comfort and color. New Flawless Finish Moisture: 3 new super moisturizers promote a glowing bronzer for any skin type. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond - T2 Tingle Bronzer With Flawless Finish Moisturizer. Classification Tingle Fragrance Citrus Cranberry.
Manufacturer: Swedish Beauty
Size: 8.5 oz
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by ashleyrenae >> See more reviews

Great lotion

I decided to try this lotion after talking with a few friends. I am not one for the tingle factor and I mainly use bronzers, but I figured hey lets give it a try. I absolutely love it! It gives you such an excellent tan. However, I do not use it everytime I tan, I normally use my bronzer one time and then this the next, or I mix them together and use both. I would recommend this lotion to anyone wanting a little tingle but not to be on fire so to speak.

by Lauren Cozzarin >> See more reviews

First Tingle i used

This was the first tingle that I ever used and I like the color that it gave me. its a very low level tingle, so I would suggest this for a first time tingle user.

by Nicholas Cade Livsey >> See more reviews

Great lotion

This will be the second bottle I have bought of this lotion. It smells great and works great. Love the tanning results I get from using this lotion.

Amazing results....

It's awesome, smells phenomenal and feels awesome . I got great color and my skin feels great afterward . I am buying more .. Ty for a great product. This is still my favorite tanning lotion. I wanted to add, The tingle is perfect...

by Liana Almeida >> See more reviews

great tingle lotion

I purchased this lotion because of surprising low the price was especially compared to other tanning lotions. I have tried other tingle lotions in the past and this one is probably my favorite because most tingle lotions cause an overwhelming heat sensation. this lotion has just the right amount of tingle, it is not uncomfortable hot, but it still does what a tingle lotion is meant to do. I also loved the smell of the lotion, it is not offensively strong, just light and fresh. it also does not have an bad "after-tan" smell. the consistency of the lotion is smooth and not greasy. the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I would have liked it to have more of a bronze color to the lotion. I is still one of my favorite affordable tanning lotions

by K. Seagraves >> See more reviews

Perfect Tingle/ Bronzer Lotion!!

The perfect combination of tingle and bronzer!! The lotion goes on evenly and does not leave streaks. Smells like citrus fruits, very pleasant!! Would recommend, shipped quickly, and product was sealed!!

by Amber Johnson >> See more reviews

great product

Item came earlier than expected and in good packaging... I am happy with this product. Works well in the tanning booth and feels great... not too extreme of s tingler

by B. Taylor >> See more reviews

Great Product For The Price

Pink Diamond lotion is intended for indoor tanning bed use. It is a tingle lotion and will likely cause your skin to turn red and possibly itchy while you are in the tanning bed, and for a short time after. I like tingle lotions because I think you get tan much quicker, and the color seems to last longer. I have sensitive skin and this one worked out great for me because it was not too intense and the tingle went away quickly. I recommend that you do not shower for several hours after tanning to allow the lotion to fully absorb into your skin. I was surprised that this lotion was such high quality at a low cost. I have paid $60 for tanning lotions before, and this stuff works just as well. It also has a nice scent to it, and is not too greasy.


I've already had a nice base tan when I used this product. My first time trying this lotion, I had the weird tingly feeling when I was in the tanning bed. As soon as I stepped out, I was red (as I had expected from reading other reviews) and soon my skin turned into brown--however, it didn't last very long. I've used the product for over a month and now the "weird tingly" feeling I used to feel is no longer there, also, it hasn't really enhanced my bronze color. The product's okay but I would recommend something else.


This is perfect for people that are new to tingle products. It offers just the right amount of tingle without making you feel like you just rolled around in fiberglass. It also leaves you with a nice streak free bronze color. I have used this over the last couple of years and I was glad to find it on Amazon since it isn't sold in most salons anymore.