2010 swedish beauty Fig Get Me Not Dark Tanning Bronzer With BioBronze Blend 8.5 oz Fig Get Me NotTM (...or, fig get about it) Dark Tanning Bronzer With BioBronzeTM 8.5 oz Blend You'll be unfigettable with this dark tanning blend! Enriched with Fig Extract and Tyrosine Bronzers this color-enhancing formula help's you look dark today, and darker tomorrow for a beautiful bronze glow! - Tyrosine Bronzing Blend - Perfect color made possible with two tyrosine bronzers plus 4 other bronzing agents for dark color - Fig Extract - Powerful natural moisturizer and antioxidant - Eco-TrioTM Tanning Blend - Vitamins A and E and Aloe help protect against future signs of aging - BioBronzeTM Blend - Natural melanin enhancers prepare skin for dark color Fragrance: Fruity Fig
Manufacturer: Swedish Beauty
Size: 8.5 Ounces
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by ShelbyRizz >> See more reviews

Amazing Product

Let me first start out saying that I am an avid tanner, and have used over 8 different types of high end tanning products. Just a couple to name; Gilded, Hot!, Satin De Sol, Risque, etc, etc. I would have to say that Fig Get Me Not is probably my favorite out of all of them. First of all the fact that it's natural and by Swedish beauty is not only a "green" plus, but it helps if you have sensitive skin. (I do not but my sister does and she absolutely adores this lotion as well.) Second of all it DOES have bronzers in it, so it gives you more color than the average lotion. I tan fairly easily but I bought this lotion and went tanning probably every other day for about two weeks and I was THE DARKEST I have EVER been. And I was living in Arizona at the time, where EVERYONE is bronze. The price on Amazon is amazing compared to the 50 dollars I ended up spending in the store, which is why I ordered it again. You can use it inside or outside and even as a daily moisturizer. A lot of the time a persons ability to tan depends on the bed they're using and their skin type... so if you hear bad reviews on it they're probably not going to the right salon or have very fair skin that doesn't tan well anyways. Do yourself a favor and buy this lotion, because you will NOT regret it!

I love it!

I really love this product. Provides a dark tan and leaves the skin so soft! The first time, I bought it at the tanning salon for a lot more than I paid through Amazon.

by bargaincrzy >> See more reviews

Great product

Great product - smells great and helps you get a deep dark tan while moisturizing your skin. Buying online is 1/2 the cost of what tanning shops charge. Great product!

by E. J. Huffman >> See more reviews

Swedish Beaty Fig Get Me Not Tanning Lotion

Likes: Scent is minimal, not too perfumy. Creamy, not greasy. Decent price. None of the other additives like hemp, cooling, heating, tingling, etc etc - which I HATE. Dislikes: Doesn't help as much in the way of tanning as some other products I've tried.

by REVA VERGARA >> See more reviews

Love it

Very excited to use!!! I have used this lotion before, but when I bought it at the actual salon. I will now only buy tanning lotions from Amazon. Same quality, but waaaay less expensive. Very exciting!

by Leesa Smith >> See more reviews

Love it

Absolutely love this product! Perfect for my sensitive skin and way cheaper than salon prices. Shipped fast and got me super dark and moisturized!

by Janelle Alexander >> See more reviews

Best lotion I have used!

By far the best lotion I have used! Smells great, is not greasy, and tans wonderfully. I would recommend this to anyone.

by Tori ball >> See more reviews

Smells good! Bronzer is OKAY

Always loved this. When i worked at a tanning salon I would recommend this lotion to girls who already have pretty tan skin, not pale skin. Reason because this bronzer is not a great one, the lotion itself smells AMAZING and it hydrates but the bronzer isn't great. This lotion doesn't give you that gross smell/feeling after you tan. Recommended if you go to work after you tan, or go work out, or like to do things after you tan because you smell good!

by Patrick N. Holt >> See more reviews

Great Tanning Lotion!

Hi! If you are considering this tanning lotion, I would be the first to recommend it. It's been wonderful so far. In only a matter of days my tanning experience has been amplified by this lotion. It smells great and is easily absorbed by your skin. I would highly recommend this product and I plan on purchasing it again when this tube runs out, which will be awhile.

Good lotion

This lotion is very nice, its a little thicker than other lotions from the same line, which is a plus :) it also has a nice scent, not too strong. The tan it provides is very nice as well :)