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I have dry skin and I love this product. Does not leave my skin too greasy. I mix it with a moisturizer and leave it on all night long. My skin is fresh and feels great all day long. Smells good too.

Not really a serum, but an oil

This is definitely not a true serum, and does not behave like one either. Its an oil. It does however moisturize and smells good. It is full of essential oils which is nice. Its a cheap alternative to the new oil moisturizer craze. Works very similar.


I love using this Hydrating boost. My skin is more hydrated and brighter than on just a moisturizer. I wear this instead of a moisturizer at night. In the morning, I use the boost plus Devita Solar Protection Moisturizer SPF 30. I have mixed the two but I prefer putting the boost on and then the moisturizer. About two weeks ago, life got hectic and I got off my routine. My skin was fine but when I started reusing the boost last week, I was pleasantly surprised with brighter skin complexion and clarity. I highly recommend this and will definitely be purchasing again. I have had my current bottle for 6 months.

I Recommend This!

I like this serum alot. Others have complained about this serum being oily. However, if you use only two pumps as stated on the bottle, you won't experience an oily feel. I stumbled across this product after searching for a serum that would help my skin retain more moisture. Before using this serum my skin was rough and bumpy, and creams didn't seem to keep my skin hydrated, they just sat on top of my skin. How I Use: I cleanse my face with a foaming cleanser, apply astringent, and immediately apply this serum. This makes my skin so smooth. Its fading my dark marks, and absorbs completely. I have only been using this for a week. Would recommend.

I've been using this oil as a general moisturizer for ...

I've been using this oil as a general moisturizer for my whole body. It's not sticky and once dry, my skin feels so silky. Just make sure to apply it on a damp skin.

Love the product

Love the product! The reason that I gave 3 star is because it makes my oil skin looking more oily. I would recommend this product for dry skin

Nice serum

This is a very nice, lightly hydrating serum. I use 1-2 drops all over my face and neck and follow with my usual moisturizer.

Perfect for summer

It absorbs to quickly for my skin type which is dry. Perfect for summer, maybe not winter

Lasts a very long time

I had bought a similar Seventh generation Boost oil a couple of yrs. ago and really liked it. I discovered Wal-greens no longer sells it where I live. I think I've read it has been discontinued. I was very disappointed. I really like this stuff. This one in particular smells good and the stuff lasts forever...It only takes about 2 tiny pumps to moisturize your face. I only use it at night. I think it might be too oily to wear during the day. I guess it would depend on how much you used.

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Hydrates the skin really well

I really love the serum. From the ingredients list it is clear that the ingredients are clean (hopefully!). The serum really hydrates the skin, keeping the skin moisturized the whole day (especially in winter with maybe a second application if needed). I see them discontinuing their other varieties and hope they don't discontinue this one.