green tea cleansing foam 150ml. Cleansing foam that keeps skin moisture with the smooth foams of freshly squeezed Jeju green tea.
Feature: Green Tea Cleansing Foam 150ml


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by Linh Voong >> See more reviews

Honest review

What's the most important step in a skincare routine? A cleanser. I've tried many cleansers that were from the US, but this time, I decided to try out a Korean foam cleanser. Before purchasing anything for my skin, I had to do research on the products and read the reviews on them before purchasing. Innisfree is a company who really care about their customers and their skin. They try to provide us with the most natural ingredients that are beneficial to our skin. So after a couple of weeks of watching favorite beauty products from beauty gurus and reading all the splendid reviews on the product, I decided to add it to my Christmas list. I was a bit skeptical about buying this due to the price. After days of waiting and anticipation, Christmas had finally arrived. After waiting for everyone to finish opening their gifts, I dashed in the bathroom with the foam cleanser and used it right away. At first, I didn't really know how much I should use, but soon I realized that I didn't need to use a lot. I usually use a 2-3 pea size amount for my face cleansers, however, I learned that half a pea size was enough. It lathered up nicely and had a very subtle natural smell to it. This foam cleanser does leave a "squeaky" feeling to it after you wash it off. I don't really mind it, but I know some people with sensitive and dry skin have problems with their cleanser leaving their skin with a squeaky feeling. I really enjoy this product, so I decided to persuade my mom into this as well. It was rather a challenge because my mom is those who are extremely skeptical about what goes on her face. She has really sensitive skin and resisted the idea of using this for her skin. However, she came around after some time, and eventually fell in love with it. Every time she talks about the product, she keeps on praising it and saying that its worth the money. Our skin felt like it was glowing after using this product for 2 weeks now. With acne-prone skin and raging hormones, this product had contributed in combating my skin problems. I decided to write this honest review because this product really does deserve it. I hope this contributed to your buying decisions, I wish you luck on your beauty search. Pros ----------- *Refreshing feeling *Natural scent *Good for sensitive skin *Lathers extremely well *Cleanses skin well Cons ----------- *Leave a squeaky feeling Skin type ---------------- Acne-prone, T-zone combination oily *Asian skin type

Favorite Foaming Cleanser

This cleanser is very light and gentle, and leaves my face squeaky clean. It never irritates my skin, which is very sensitive and dry. Innisfree products are my FAVORITE for skin care! I lived in Korea for 2 years and thankfully discovered how great Innisfree is while I was there! I use the whole Green Tea line of skin care products. Highly recommend them!

by Kassandra >> See more reviews

Very Drying

The scent is super strong in the entire line, all the products smell like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume. This cleanser dries out my skin, leaving it very squeaky after rinsing. If I don't moisturize immediately, my skin feels super tight and uncomfortable.

by Aldorabeth >> See more reviews

Great Products and Great Seller!

I've been in love with this product. Always feeling so good after washing my face even with thick make up. Smells great! Ordered two products from this seller. Thank you JOLSE for giving few samples and the shipping was faster! Great seller ;)

Not too bad but very drying.......

VERY drying for my skin (50 y/o female). I can't use it very often, which stinks. I recommend for oily or acne prone skin. If you live in the desert or dry environment, no bueno. Smells good and does leave skin clean, just very 'tight'.

Deep clean

I love this brand and I love this product. My oily skin feels squeaky clean after using. Using this is my favorite step in my nightly skincare routine because I feel like I'm really deep cleaning.

by Rahman Ali >> See more reviews


it cleared up a lot of my acne within the first couple of days and a little bit goes a long way. Seriously, I used a pea sized blob and it was enough. I definitely would reorder when I run out

by Tianjiao Pei >> See more reviews

Great face wash I use it daily

Great face wash I use it daily. Smells so good. It is not acne preventing though if you are concerning about acne this might not be a good product for you.

Squeaky Clean

The product smells so good and it feels so nice on the face. Afterwards my skin felt so clean! Hoping this will help with my acne, I will update,

Smells really nice and was delivered very fast

Face feels so smooth and soft after the first use. Smells really nice and was delivered very fast.