NAILACTAN is composed of essential amino acids, lipids and kerato-balancing vitamins. Its nourishing and moisturizing action restores elasticity to the nail plate, improves its general condition and makes nails more resistant to splitting and breaking. How To Use: Use every night. Massage cream into nail base and skin below nail. Allow to act overnight. Note: Can be applied each night even while wearing nail color. In addition, apply NAILACTAN at least once a week directly onto bare nails for best results.
Color: Cream
Feature: Highest Quality Nails available
Manufacturer: Mavala
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Miracle Product

Two years ago I was talking to doctors about my problem nails, with no results. I happened upon a nail seminar that spoke of using only healthy products: specifically , Mavala. This is a Swiss company and the aim of this seminar was to show how using these healthy products could regenerate peeling, splitting and cracking nails. It sounded just like me. The Nailactin is an intense moisturizer that works on the matrix of the nail. Rubbing it in every night, even with polish on your nails, can produce amazing results. The program suggests removing all polish every 6 to 8 days and using the Nailactin on your bare nails for an overnight treatment before repolishing. The bonus for me is that not only are my nails healthier but my cuticles are perfect and only need pushing back with a towel. Try it; I hope you will be as pleased as I am!

Nails Grow Faster & Healthier!

I have been a nail biter since I was a little girl & have very weak chewed up ugly nails that have trouble growing out fast. The first time I ever purchased this product was when I was 14 when they use to sell Mavala products in JcPenny's. I am now 35 & have always had great results using Nailactan. This product allowed my nails to grow long & healthy, as long as I'm not chewing them up! I have tried using other products that are out there, but this one is the only one that seems to actually work. The price is not bad considering that you only use a bit every night, so the container should last a long time. I usually only purchase this product from this seller, unless he is out of stock. Not only does he have the best price but also he ships the product fast. I highly recommend Nailactan & also Mavaderma by Mavala, if you want your nails to grow out faster & healthier!


I picked my nails my entire life (I'm 29) and when I say pick I mean my nails were so short swiping a nail brush horizontally across my nail would completely cover the entire fingernail. They were a hot mess. I tried all the growth and strengtheners but none seemed to help much and it was tedious having to apply a fresh coat each day to clean nails. I then resorted to acrylic nails which looked pretty but essentially did further damage with grinding them with power tools. I had extremely dry and flaky cuticles no matter how often I applied oil and lotion nothing seemed to help. That all changed when I tried Mavala! Mavala does wonders!!! All it takes is applying the lotion on the nails massaging cuticles before bed. It absorbs so quickly so it really only takes maybe a minute or 2 to do. Within a couple days the nails are shiny and healthy. It works with the nails you have now so you wont have to wait and wait to see improvement. My finger nails feel smoother and my cuticles are adequately moisturized without having to constantly apply lotion all day. Considering that I work in healthcare and wash my hands countless times throughout the day and my cuticles are healthy and not cracked and cross speaks volumes to how far this stuff goes! A little bit goes a long way! If you miss a couple days your nails don't look too awful as opposed to other products once you stop using it your nails go back to where you started. While with the jar you may be able to get a tiny bit more product, I find the tube easier to apply.

Mavala Nailactin

I purchased this product as a result of having my nails polised with a shellac polish which I will never do again. The nailactin has restored pliability and sheen to my nails and much needed moisture to the nail bed and cuticles.

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Fantastic Help for Nails!

Ordered this based on the excellent reviews online . . . and I wasn't disappointed. My nails and cuticles look the best they've looked in years - if ever - and they just keep improving. Had a lot of trouble with my nails peeling on top at the tips; since using Nailactan, I haven't had that problem AT ALL! Definitely worth the price, and a very little goes a long way.

Nailactan is a winner!

I have used this nutritive cream for several years. It is a perfect moisturizer for your cuticles and nail. Your nails will grow without effort. The strength of your nails will be pleasing. Would recommend this cream and this seller.

This really works... but you must use it regularly!

This actually works very well. I think it works best without polish; I find that when I use it with polish on my nails, my polish doesn't hold up. It does make my once paper thin nails strong. However, if you want to keep them that way, you have to use this regularly. The price seems high at first, but the jar lasts months, so the cost is actually a good price point (a little goes a long way).

looking for gorgeous cuticles

This stuff is the best! I have tried many other cuticle creams and oils, but always return to this product. You need only a very small amount each day to have you nails looking their best. I've gotten compliments ... so I recommend you give this a try ... you won't be disappointed.

by MAUREEN BONAVENTURA >> See more reviews

Masala nailactan

Great product. I have used it for a number of years with lasting results, beautiful nails!

I will keep using it ...

I used this several times. I didn't notice a difference. I bought another product to use on my nails that works better for MY particular problem ... ... I wash & / or use alcohol based cleansers HUNDREDS of times a day at work (health care worker) and my ends split & tear and the pen works better for me. This nail treatment is okay, but I get an immediate relief with the pen. I will keep using the Malava Nailactan Nutritive Treatment at the cuticle to see if it helps in the longer run ...