Our thick, dense, superior saturating foam formula helps to lock in rich long-lasting color. Our colourists developed rich copper shades so at-home trendsetters can have exclusive access to the latest rich, fiery copper shades straight from the salon. The non-drip foam formula penetrates strands for deep color saturation. Spreads easily into roots for complete coverage without patchiness. Inspired by nature's intense, vibrant, fiery red hues.
Color: Red Copper Canyon 6RC
Manufacturer: John Frieda
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by Sarah Bowman >> See more reviews

Red Copper Canyon... Best Red Ever

As someone who has been dying my hair red for about the past 15 years (I have the soul of a ginger, and my hair still naturally remains the color of a mud puddle, so one does what one can), I can safely say that I've tried almost every box of red dye I could get my hands on in search of a dark red color that doesn't turn purple, but also isn't "circus clown red". This box has it. And, as an added bonus, there is very little fade-out!! The foam took me a while to get used to, and it still isn't my favorite method of application, but the color has always come out extremely even, even when I'm not being very careful to get it everywhere, so I can't really complain. Truly, this is the best haircolor I've ever used. I have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find in-stores, and the price on Amazon increased fairly significantly since the last time I purchased it on here, so I desperately hope it isn't being discontinued... that's a thought too depressing to bear.

by Marian L. Murdoch >> See more reviews

Don't be scared by the foam color!

I applied this according to the package directions and it didn't foam as much as you see in the instructions once it was on the hair and you massaged it around. The foam color was like what you see on Cheetos so I was really nervous about the outcome. Since I have gray hairs, I left it on for the full 30 minutes. The foam was easy to apply, but seemed to disappear quickly. The length of my hair is to my collar bones, so I only used one box. I didn't buy this through Amazon because it's still not available (why??), but I was able to purchase it from Walgreens. After rinsing and conditioning, my hair was the color of what was advertised on the box and extremely soft. I would buy this again.

I dyed it like 30 min ago

DO NOT BUY THIS!!! I have ash brown hair and my ends still have a little black in them. If anything i assumed my ash brown roots would be the vibrant res thats on the box. NO!! Look at the photo. I dyed it like 30 min ago....ive been dying my hair with box color for YEARS. Please sont buy this, im severely disappointed

by Pamela Shoemaker >> See more reviews

Love the John Frieda Foam hair color line

Love the John Frieda Foam hair color line. So easy to use & great coverage even on grey hair. The 6RC is a beautiful color. I had been using the 5RB but wanted something lighter for spring/summer. The 6RC has more of a copper color too & not as much of the brown. I really like it.


This lived up to my expectations of a John Frieda product. Supper easy to use and the color was exactly what I hoped it would be. Just follow the instructions exactly as they're written and you can't go wrong. I'm on my second box.

Love it!

This is such a great foam hair color! Easy to apply, smells great, leaves my hair super shiny and one box is enough for my thick, wavy hair! I'm super bummed that I can't find this in stores anymore.

by Frequent Amazon Shopper >> See more reviews

Not as dramatic of color as box shows.

Color doesn't come out as dramatic as the box shows. Before I colored to this shade, I had brown colored hair (5nbg by Frieda ) and my natural is black with 50% gray. My roots as expected came out a bit lighter than ends. But overall this is a nice color. I will give this a try again once it's time for touch up. And perhaps not color the ends, hopefully the dark ends will wash out by next color job.

by Erin Smith >> See more reviews

Love this brand!

Been using this product for about two years now. Found it on the clearance shelf of a Publix at half off. Totally addicted now to the color vibrancy and ease of application. I live in the south where no matter what brand I use, the red will fade, but this fades slower than other brands and when ot does fade, it fades well (on me to a strawberry blonde instead of looking like washed out red)

by J. K. Phillips >> See more reviews

I love the foam hair color

I cannot find this shade in stores anywhere. Very thrilled to find a place that carries it and at a reasonable price. As for the product itself, I love the foam hair color. It doesn't leave patchy areas like I find when I do my own hair with your normal boxed hair color. And I love the color of red I end up with.

by Tiffany Roystet >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Only color that covers my gray!