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Five Stars

Great for cleaning in small places!

by Richard T. Simons >> See more reviews

Excellent Fine Cleaning Brush

Brush excellent to use. Boar's hair are firm but do not damage surface when cleaning rings or other jewelry. I also used on my model ship while building cleaning up edges and cracks. Very handy and would recommend to anyone.

excellent product

I love these brushes. They're soft enough not to scratch delicate painted surfaces, but they've done a good job on tough rust stains on my grout too.

by Cynthia Watts >> See more reviews

I thought these would be soft enough to clean delicate ...

I thought these would be soft enough to clean delicate items, gem jewelry, hubbys hearing aise, etc. but bristles fall ut too easity

by Scott Enneking >> See more reviews


Great brushes, they dont scratch, great for cleaning silver.

Five Stars

Great for cleaning fragile items and soft surfaces.

by Happy Camper >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Great brushes! Great product at a Great Price.

by Shawn P. Andrukates >> See more reviews

They work.

They are brushes.......

Natural Boar (Cleaning) Brushes

I bought these Boar Brushes as they were listed under toothbrushes on However, they are not toothbrushes. And they are not hair brushes as described above. They are too big to fit comfortably in the mouth. But, they could probably be used as good cleaning tools around the house.