Sebastian Re Shaper Brushable Humidity Resistant Strong Hold Hairspray. Re-Shaper Is The Ultimate Professional Tool Delivering The Promise Of Great Hold Touchable Feel And Easy Brushability So You Can Change Your Look As Often As You Want. Create Any Shape Anytime Anywhere While Protecting Your Style From The Effects of Humidity. Performance Brushable Strong Hold. Hair Type: All Hair Types
Manufacturer: Sebastian
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Can did not spray

I ordered 3 cans, all 3 would not spray, warmed them up, made sure the spray was not clogged and everything. Do cans expire and loose pressure?

by M. Nelson >> See more reviews

This is the only hairspray you will ever need!

Trust me, when it comes to hair, I've tried so many products. Gels leave my hair too wet-looking, mousse doesn't provide the right amount of hold. Certain other products either smell or the texture isn't what I'm going for... I'm looking at you, pomade! This hairspray has the perfect amount of hold, not crunchy hair, not fluffy or frizzy. But what I like best is you can run you hands through your hair and think there's nothing in it. It's call re-shaper for a reason. It give you a good hold, with the ability to change it though the day should you want a different look or something messes your hair up... Simply RE-SHAPE it!

by Mari G. H. >> See more reviews

Mine and my husband's favorite hair spray

This hairspray is strong hold, but still brushable. It doesn't leave a lot of sticky residue on your hair. The 3-pack is the best way as far as I am concerned. Try it, I don't think you will be disappointed. You can try a single can first, and then, if you agree, try the 3-pack.

Works for me!

This product works excellent for me and yet I can brush it out. The best product they had got changed a few years back and I can only assume it is due to changes in environmental laws. This is the second best product from Sebastian and since I live in New England by the coast we get a lot of wind. Works good with a natural feel to it. I don't care to feel as if you hair is shellacked.

A good can is hard to find!

I am a hairstylist who swears by Sebastian Laminates spray in the blue can. When I heard it was discontinued, I wasn't excited to experiment. I stuck to the brand that's carried me thru years of updos! SCORE!! Re-Shaper has the same firm hold as my oldie but the light spray of good old Shaper!! My new hair staple!!!

Great Hairspray!

I bought Sebastian at a salon and loved it. Great hold! Not stiff or sticky. It is my favorite. This was a great price for a pack of 3. I guess I was lucky, mine all work.

by Lanett Laramore >> See more reviews

Great value!

Very pleased with this hairspray. Combs out easily but works great at maintaining my style all day long without making it look stiff. Couldn't believe the value!

by Krystle Conley >> See more reviews

like a little spray may have leaked but otherwise great

Bottles were a little sticky, like a little spray may have leaked but otherwise great. Right product. Tremendous price/value!

by Chelsea B >> See more reviews

BEST hairspray!

This is the absolute BEST hairspray for short hair (I have a pixie), not crunchy, but holds it's shape all day. LOVE it.

Great product.

Works really well. Holds hair that you have styled and you can brush your hair to re-style it also. Great product.