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GREAT product!

I don't know what I would do without this stuff. I get intense itching in my eyes around allergy season, and this is the only stuff besides prescription that will help me. It even takes the red out. Best antihistamine product on the market for sure.

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Only thing that works!!

I have had allergies all of my life to grass, mold and pollen. Zaditor is the only one that I found that allows me to put 1 drop in the morning put in my contacts and go golf for the day without itchy eyes. I have tried just about everything out there and this is the only one that lasts throughout the day and doesn't irritate my eyes. It is the best product out there! PS. if you go to thier website you can save $2.00!

by Thomas (Sherri's husband) >> See more reviews

Not quite as good as I'd like.

I get terrible allergies that during early/mid wintertime, my eyes puff up like a frog's eye. The allergy attack is unbelievably miserable, lasts two or three plus weeks and my eyes can get infected due to rubbing. Zaditor is my only eye relief medication. I take allergy pills and decongestants which do my eyes no good. The reason for three stars is because I have to use this product three or four times a day and feel like, based on instruction literature, I shouldn't have to use the drops as often as I do. When you have allergies, you do what you have to do as you haven't a choice other than be miserable and risk eye infection and an expensive trip to the doctor's office. Price wise, this is the best delivered price I've found. If I purchase this product at the local big chain drug store or a Canadian pharmacy, the price for one 5ml bottle is close to $20/bottle. I picked this two bottle order up, delivered, for a bit more than twenty dollars. So, if you're like me, a dye-in-the-wool allergy sufferer and your eyes are puffy and itchy like the dickens, for me, this product works. It's not a knock it out of the park kind of product but it's sure counts as a two or three bagger. From recommendations, it works better for others then it does for me and maybe deserves four or five stars but I can only rate a product based on personal experience as opposed to anecdotal recommendations which have all been high. Either which way, I'm sure this product will provide you some relief, if not more and is well worth $20 for a couple of bottles to see if it will help you with your allergy charged eyes. Hope the above helps.

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An Effective, Convenient, Reasonably Priced Health Aid

Zaditor Eye Itch Relief drops are a quick-working solution that successfully treats allergy-influenced, itchy eyes. The little applicator is handy enough to carry around on your worst days, although I generally find applying the substance morning and night is sufficient. I've been using this product, or similar, for years now; I seem to have allergies 24/7, year-round, except in some seasons they get worse. It was a great relief when this product was made available over-the-counter a few years ago, so that it was no longer necessary to keep getting new prescriptions over and over. It also represented a great savings: as a prescription, this product, and others like it, were expensive -- even on my budget-minded mail order pharmacy plan. So highly-recommended, from any point of view, an effective, reasonably priced, convenient to get and to carry health care product.

Helpful for both hay fever and Lasik damage

I've always had a problem with itchy eyes during hay fever season, and this has been seriously aggravated by botched Lasik surgery at the Wolfe Eye Clinic. Zaditor, while no magic bullet, does more than any other to help relieve the symptoms. Anyone with chronic dry eye, including Lasik Dry Eye Disease, must be very cautious about using this or any other eye drop that has preservatives too frequently. I found out the hard way when I began experiencing preservative toxicity (because of Lasik I must use eye drops more than 50 times a day and several times during the night). Now I buy preservative-free eye drops in bulk, and limit my use of Zaditor to no more than once or twice a day.

allergy eye drops

I am so happy I found this product on Amazon! I have a especially sensitive eyes and awful allergies. However, I can't use or take many products or medications so finding this site is awesome. This is one of the few products that works for me. Recieved them super fast too.

by AuthorAuthor >> See more reviews

Great product; unpredictable availability; ridiculous shipping charges

This is great stuff - the best allergy treatment for eyes on the market. It would sure be nice if Amazon would find a supplier who would keep it in stock at a reasonable price. It would be even nicer if Amazon would make arrangements to add it to its PRIME line-up so it could be obtained quickly and easily as needed. As it is now, the independent merchants who sell through amazon online often run out of stock very quickly; of the last 5 times I have attempted to order this product, only one of the orders has actually been fulfilled. The others were cancelled by the sellers due to insufficient stock. It's good stuff if you can get your hands on it. Also, watch out for ridiculous shipping charges from independent sellers. $5.00+ to ship less than an ounce of OTC medication is beyond ridiculous, especially when the seller assesses that charge per item, no matter how many you order.

Fantastic Allergy Eye Drops Reliever

I know this is going to sound funny but I purchased them to use not on me. It was for my pittie. He was experiencing really bad allergies, constant eye boogers, watery eyes, and redness all the time. Our vet recommended this brand to help alleviate his symptoms. I applied twice in a day, once in the morning, again at night. You can definitely tell the difference by the next day. Recommend it for anyone who can't find relief from less stronger eye drops for allergies. So far the prices paid on Amazon was cheapest is what I could find. Received 2 bottles for the price of one while in CVS or Walmart you are full retail price for one bottle.

There is no substitute for eye allergy relief

I have relatively severe eye allergies and an antihistimine pill takes at least 30 minutes to provide any relief. They do sting a little when first putting them in, but in a couple of minutes they are like magic, both itching and swelling are drastically reduced. I've been really happy with Zaditor, it's fantastic to not have to wait for an antihistimine to kick in to have my eyes back.

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... used this product for several years and I'm completely satisfied with the results and will continue to buy as ...

I've used this product for several years and I'm completely satisfied with the results and will continue to buy as long as it's needed. The wife uses it also.