These plastic pint glasses are perfect for barbeques, picnics or everyday use. They are clear as glass and durable. Holds 16 fluid ounces. BPA free and dishwasher safe. Set of 4 glasses.
Manufacturer: Boelter Brands


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Good for a pint to when you don't want to use glass

These are my go-to plastic pint glasses for watching the Seahawks games, and when spending time outside and I don't want to risk breaking a glass. I have been using them regularly for several months, and they are holding up well. No cracks or chips, and the logos are not showing any signs of wear. They come with a small plastic band to keep them separated so they are easy to pull apart during shipping. I was worried that they would be hard to pull apart after sitting in the cupboard, but there is no issue with this. Overall a great plastic pint glass.

by Marcelo Gross Brown >> See more reviews

For the price is a really nice buy for a footbal fan.

As a Seattle Fan Based in South America, having these is awesome, the packaging was really good. The glasses are exactly as shown on advertize and the coasters are nice. I hand wash them, so I can't tell if works on dishwashers. It came in a little box the four ones in pile. For the price is a really nice buy for a footbal fan.

by W. Naranjo >> See more reviews

Not what I ordered

I got four dark blue glasses with coasters, not what I ordered. They are also very dusty and scratched up, like they have been on the shelf for years. They are Xmas gift and I don't have time to return them. I cleaned them up and hopefully the recipient won't be overly concerned.

great value

For the price, this product is just right. If you are in need of glasses for a bar area and do not want to have to worry about your clumsy friends breaking one of your nice glassware pieces, plastic is the way to go.

What's not to love??

Well, they are cups - and who doesn't love the COLTS? (I know, I know......there are haters out there!) I bought two sets for gifts this Christmas. I only wish I had ordered some for myself!

by Robin Linehan >> See more reviews

Not as pictured

Cups are orange with the dolphins mascot, not clear with team name as pictured. Very strange, but still nice. Also came with 4 cardboard coasters. I think they must have sent the wrong ones.

by Joseph A Ostrander >> See more reviews

Awesome minimal design

Rare find. Awesome minimal design. I am hesitant to assume that the print and blue coating will last long as I've had other similar glass whose coating has peeled... But still worth it!

by Chastity A. >> See more reviews


the glasses themselves are great we've had them for 3 months now with no problems. The only bad quality is the coasters, once they get slightly damp they peel in rip extremely easily.

by Shellie Johnson >> See more reviews

Not what you think

Ordered this and I received something completely different so I am not sure what the black ones actually look like. Extremely dissapointed!


Very good plastic cups for the price and the coasters were a really nice touch. Ordered as a gift for someone else and ended up keeping!