Top Quality Patches at Unbelievable Prices. These pistol & rifle gun cleaning patches are made from 100% cotton flannel right here in the USA and are the top choice by many professionals. We make patches for all calibers: .17 cal/.177 cal/.22 cal/.223 cal/5.56mm/.25 cal/6mm/.270 cal/7mm/.30 cal/7.62mm/.38 cal/.357 cal/9mm/10mm/Shotgun 12-16-20 Gauge/.44 cal/.45 cal/.50 cal. We offer both large bulk bags and small bags.
Color: White
Manufacturer: G & A Investments, Inc.
Size: .30 cal. / 7.62mm (2 1/4") (800 Pack)
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Description says these are ok for 9mm but does not ...

Description says these are ok for 9mm but does not include the dimensions. Picture shows label for .40/.44/.50 cal with dimensions listed as 3X3. Received 2x2 inch squares. Other reviewers state they got 1x1 squares. The 2x2 were very difficult if not impossible to get thru the bore. I have to trim them down

A fine product.

It’s hard to fault these. They’re thick and absorbent, not gauze-like at all. For serious cleaning they do the job. I confess that I’m not as fastidious as I should be about really cleaning after every plinking session, although I do run a cleaning snake through my 12 gauge or 9mm pistol to keep the gunk under control between proper maintenance. But for doing it right, these are as good as any, reasonably priced and a lot more absorbent than the ones that come with your typical all-in-one kit that someone new to firearms might consider. The resealable bag they came in isn’t useful as a container (too flimsy), but that’s why Ziplocs were invented. And I have to say that I haven’t tried to do an exhaustive cost benefit analysis to determine whether these are more effective than another brand. Let’s face it, if you’re agonizing over the per-wipe cost of your cleaning patches you are having serious financial (or other, even worse) issues! These are perfectly fine for the application.

by Dustin Farahnak >> See more reviews


These are a very nice version of an old standby gun cleaning product. While some firearms will come with a cleaning rod, not all will, and to use these you will want something like this: Hoppe's Bench Rest Stainless Steel 3-Piece Universal Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Rod (All Calibers and Gauges). I've seen folks stuff one of these into a barrel and just push them through with any object that does it, but that's less effective and more of a hassle. I try to clean my pistol every time I take it to the range, and every month or so that I don't. My eleven year old USP looks and works like a brand new firearm, and while the looks aren't that important, the reliability certainly is. I'll use some Breakfree CLP Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative Squeeze Bottle (4 -Fluid Ounce) to soak some patches and alternate them with a bore brush. I only run them in one direction (the path of the bullet) and use each patch several times before moving on. It doesn't take long before the barrel is clean. I found with these patches, it took a lot less time. The patches aren't the usual borderline gauze material I'm used to. They are a bit more fleecy, which seems to attract dirt. They also left less Breakfree behind, which means when inspecting my barrel there is less reflection from stray liquid, and I can see how clean things really are. That's a minor point, but I think these are better patches. You have to pick the right size for your caliber. I cleaned a .380 with the 2.25 inch ones (and they would work for most rifles), and I've been cleaning a .45 with the 3 inch. They are more expensive than the stuff I'm used to, and I suppose more expensive than cutting up an old shirt, but they save time and are effective, which is probably worth the extra buck in the long run.

You Take Your Chances

We got these for cleaning 9mm Glocks and they are as good as any we have ever used. There is not much else to say about a gun cleaning patch. Either it absorbs, doesn't leave junk behind and fits snugly through the barrel with a jag or it doesn't. But, they come really tightly packed in a zip lock type bag and the Amazon warehouse tends to handle the bags such that they come open. You might get an unopened bag, you might get a bag with a few missing or you might get a bag with a lot missing. Our first order was a whole bag. Second order about 20% missing. Not worth the time and effort to return, but we won't be buying them again.

Awesome patches if using cotton flannel and not knit.

I really like these cotton flannel patches. They do everything I need the cleaning patch to do and they do it at an affordable price. As I stated in one of my previous reviews on the 1x1" .22 patch the cotton knit patches are too thin in my opinion and I have a problem with tight fitting jags pushing through the patch. As I stated in the review the knit patch in .22 caliber was 11/4x11/4" and the slightly bigger size may have contributed to the failure but by far I will use the cotton flannel patches from here on out in all calibers. They are just flat out more beefy and take much more abuse than the cotton knit. They are thicker and feel much tougher. Don't hesitate in trying these patches. Order your correct size and clean away. The price is also a great value in my constant comparison of cleaning supplies. Order the big bags for an even greater value!!!!

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Great value in real cotton patches....

Great value in real cloth patches, I recommend them. The cheaper blended fabric patches are no comparison to the real cotton patches for absorbency and ease of use and this is a good value in bore patches....

Leaves cotton/lint behind on your gun

The positives are that these are cheap and absorb a lot of moisture. They work great when cleaning the bore. They also work great on stainless steel guns. The negatives are that these leave a lot of cotton debris when cleaning the black surfaces on most guns. It makes them unusable for that purpose. I've switched to Hoppes which are a lot thinner but leave no debris behind.

Good Patch, nice and thick,some Lint.

I use these 2x2 patches with a Kleen Bore JAG229 357/38/9mm Brass for my 9mm PPQ and VP9. Nice Fit,very absorbent,thick and sturdy.Cleans the barrels with less patches. A little Lint doesn't bother me much since I use an oiled synthetic patch for the final pass.

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Great patches

Great size for cleaning 9mm bore and also nice size patches for wiping down other components with cleaner or oil. I use these patches for the general cleaning of AR components because of their easy to handle size.

by Dave Edmiston >> See more reviews

Good cleaning patches

These 2.25" round cleaning patches hold up well and do the job. Note that the reviews for many assorted sizes are all shown for this item. This could cause some confusion, since some of the reviews are for larger 2"x2" patches. As the other reviews show though, these patches (regardless of the size you select) are good quality patches and the price for this bulk quantity is decent.