Color: Style 1
Manufacturer: Cosmos


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Thought these would fit any dart board. Tips are ...

Thought these would fit any dart board. Tips are too big for my board and you cannot change out to the correct size darts. Wanted them for the kids but they can't even use them now.

Love these little darts

Love these little darts - Very light and easy to use. Currently we have an Arachnid Galaxy 2.5 and works perfect

Good while it lasted.

Worked well at first, but the soft tips bent/broke much, much faster than other soft-tip darts I have used.

Cheap and nasty.

Not very good darts as they are so light that they don't stick in the dart board. Would not recommend.

by Kevin C. Snell >> See more reviews

One Star

Garbage! Don't waste your time! Too flimsy they don't reach the target or stick if they do!

Five Stars

Good darts

by Ken Aries >> See more reviews

Safe darts

I gave 4 stars just because the do not pop balloons! Otherwise very safe!

by Mt Tom Photo >> See more reviews

Nice replacement for lsot and broken ones.

Needed replacements. They work just fine on our board.

light weight darts

good darts for my kids, light weight and easy to use.

As expected

They are fine and about what I expected.