The Manson Supreme is the safest anchor on the market today. This next generation New Zealand made anchor conforms to standard bow rollers and has been specifically designed for extreme holding conditions and different seabed types. Use a Manson Supreme for a good night's sleep onboard and to keep your family safe. The Manson Supreme has earned an undisputable reputation worldwide as the highest holding - fastest setting anchor since 2006, when it first hit the market. The bonus design feature in comparison to more classical anchor designs is that the anchor was developed with a dual operation shank to enable use in rock and coral seabed types.
Manufacturer: Schaefer - Marine
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by Michael P. Cotton >> See more reviews

Would not buy it again.

With all chain rode I drag this anchor all over the place before it sets. Once set it's in. Generally we are 10 to 15 ft of water with 40 to 50 ft of chain out and it drags all over. We have used it for a year cruising from New England to Key West. Doing research for its replacement. 33 lbs Manson supreme for sale, cheap!

by opinions are like A_ _ holes >> See more reviews

5 stars

by far the best anchore i have dropped in the ocean hold great sets fast and holds like no other.. well worth the price. as always shop for the best deal