Combat B2 Reloaded Youth Composite Baseball Bat-12.
Manufacturer: Combat


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lot of pop

Bought for my 10 year old grandson that was already an exceptional hitter. After a few hits with this baby to get it broken in , he is driving balls consistantly to the outfield fence. Has not hit one out---yet but several off the fence. This bat alone has added about 20 to 25 feet of distance on his hits. Have been coaching baseball for many years and this bat is as good as I have ever seen.

Great bat, until...

We purchased this bat for my nine year old son. We ordered it as a Christmas gift. But he didn't start using it until about February at batting lessons (30 minutes/week). He has had 3 baseball games so far. The bat looks nice (except for the white handle--who does that?!! It was black by end of first game, of course, but no biggie). The bat feels good and has a great sweet spot. Everything was going great, until.... my son creamed one to the fence during practice (of course!). From then on, the bat rattled. Something was loose in the bat. I thought that is what you were supposed to be able to do with this bat: cream it! We have had to return it, in the middle of the season (of course again!). Not happy. Not happy that I have 6 months of warranty left on the product and they are sending me a replacement bat. First of all, I am leery of another Combat, and secondly, why would the new bat not have 12 months of warranty on it (sort of restarting warranty?), instead of the left over 6 months from the previous bat. After research, I realize that this warranty/return policy is pretty standard in the industry...but it doesn't mean it is a good one, or that it is customer concerned. Oh and I had to pay for my own shipping and insurance on the thing. Sad about the bat--we were so hopeful!