The PowerTac Warrior Reloaded is the second installment of the legendary PowerTac Warrior series. You can easily reload your favorite lighting device without dismantling the light to take the batteries out to charge. It works even when you are charging it and it is ready to go whenever you are ready. Super long 450+ meters throw with impressive flood light to illuminate objects at both long and close distances. Weapon mountable with optional remote pressure switch. Multiple illumination function while charging. Build in protection from short circuit in charging station. Functions: Scenario 1, under normal usage when not charging: Firefly 0.5 lm (706 hrs.), low 30 lm (65 hrs.), Medium 350 lm (3 hrs.), High 700 lm (72 min), Strobe 700 lm (140 min). Scenario 2, when charging: Low 30lm, Medium 100 lm, High 350 lm. Battery: Use 2*Cr123A or 1*18650 rechargeable Li-on battery, Bot compatible with RCR123A/16340. Charger will only charge rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery. When using CR123A, light function normally, charger will not charge the primary CR 123A, nor will it create any hazardous situation due to integrated protection in charger. Accessories: 1 AC charger, 1 charging station, 1 holster, 1 battery tube, 1 lanyard and 2 spare O-rings.
Manufacturer: Powertac - Tactical
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by Brady Crone >> See more reviews

Great Light, Bad Holster and Service

Fantastic light, this is by far the best LED flashlight on the market. However, the holster is terrible and renders wearing this on a duty belt useless. Attempts to get either the holster fixed have gone nowhere, which makes me now question the customer service. I also updated a similar review on the PowerTac website, but it has not yet been approved. If you are law enforcement, do not get this light if you plan to wear it on your duty belt. The holster rotates and there is no way to lock it in place (as you can with your asp, for example). The mechanism to hold the light in the upright position is ineffective and after one shift the flashlight was rotating in the holster at will in circles, usually pointing in the down position and could have easily fallen out. Again, if this light had a holster that equaled the flashlight itself, it would be a 5 star review, but after multiple unanswered e-mails I have to give this two stars for simply having poor customer service and a bad holster. One would think that when you pay this much for a quality product that you would get just that--it's a shame this great product is tainted by a minor accessory.

by Law Enforcement >> See more reviews

Best Light I Have Ever Owned

I am in law enforcement and needed a small light to carry on my belt. I looked around and found this light in a local police equipment store. I decided to try it instead of replacing my old streamlight. It is simply the best light I have ever seen, espically for its size and price. It is so bright that it can light up an entire field. The capibility to adjust the brightness helps and the strobe function is great for directing traffic. The different parts of the light screw on and off so you can customize it how you want. The holster that comes with it works good but occasionally needs to be tightened. If it could be improved I would make the holster clip be connected on both sides so it has to be slid onto the belt instead of just clipped on. The rechargeable battery lasts a long time. I use it for a four day work rotation without recharging. Overall I would highly recommend this light to anyone. It is well worth the money.

Buy It

This flashlight is great. It is solidly constructed, is very bright, and has been great in the field. A lot of thought was put into this light. Little thought, however, was put into the holster. If you are going to wear this light on your duty belt, the holster will break, and so will the replacement they send you. When I spoke to customer service sometime around MAR2014, they said they were working an a redesign. Hopefully they have one soon. I gave this five stars because the light is so good, and one should be able to find a better designed holster elsewhere.