The first umbrella developed for easy positioning in the ground or sand utilizing patented “hammer and anvil” action within the 2 pole sections. 75D Polyester fabric umbrella SPF 50 sun protection factor. 6 ½ FT with wind vent and aluminized coating. Alternating Panel Colors, Multi-tone on tone.
Color: yellow/blue/green/pink stripe
Manufacturer: Rio Brands, LLC - IMPORT
Size: 6.5-Feet
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by Scott M. Peters >> See more reviews

pay more and get a sturdy umbrella. The umbrella shaft is very thin

Very weak umbrella! Became inverted and fabric disengaged from the metal spines creating a safety hazard in very light winds, maybe 10 mph. Other umbrellas on the beach were unfazed by the breeze. You get what you pay for. If any wind, pay more and get a sturdy umbrella. The umbrella shaft is very thin, maybe 1/2" in diameter, unlike most beach umbrellas that have about a 1" diameter shaft. I wouldn't buy this again.

by John A. Brissette >> See more reviews

Perfect beach umbrella

Best beach umbrella I've found. Last one lasted over 5 years. Is great because it pounds itself right into the sand and is small enough that it doesn't become a target for the wind. Even works pretty well on windy days. Perfect.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Very nice umbrella!

This umbrella is HUGE and so cute! It provides a ton of shade at the beach. This is an AMAZING purchase for the price. It opens and closes easily, and is big enough to shade several people at once!

by Robert Pallarino >> See more reviews

Very flimsy, not well made

While trying to set up the umbrella at the beach using the "hammer action", the fabric ripped. The pole was very thin and overall it was not good buy. Do not purchase this umbrella. Spend some more money and get something a bit more robust.

by lynn Tate >> See more reviews

Just received this as a gift from husband for. ...

Just received this as a gift from husband for. Our fall beach trip. Yes it was ordered on June but not opened until recently. Umbrella is broken ( at top of pole). Now not able to return. What can I do?


the spokes came out of the plastic ends. ends to short. we had to glue them so they stayed connected. the top was vented to help prevent blowing away, when windy the umbrella bent up! we had to hang a towel with clothes pins to weigh it down. I bought other in vent, no coming apart and NEVER had a problem!!!!! unfortunately I couldn't find them in store this year. I will never buy again.

Not that sturdy

It arrived with one broken arm. So I'm guess the rest will start to fall apart. Kind of a bummer

by Silvia Lifszyc >> See more reviews

I was disappointed.

I thought I was buying the same Rio umbrellas I had before, but these ones are different. A lot lighter, different material, I was disappointed.

by Kara Mircovich >> See more reviews

Cheaply made - didn't last

The very first day the wind broke the umbrella. The pole and wires were very thin. I've purchased this brand before in stores and never had a problem. I would not recommend this product

by tim h keener >> See more reviews

Awesome concept but failed in very light wind.

Awesome concept and excellent sun protection but could not stand up to very light wind. Unsafe when canopy came off of ribs on first day of use.