Beautiful Scottish dirk style athame that features a woven Thor's Hammer hilt that is topped by a sapphire colored faceted plastic gem in the pommel with a resin and metal scabbard that features an infinity symbol. 9" Overall. Scottish Celtic Dagger With A Thick And Heavy Stainless Steel Blade And Blood Groove. Stainless Steel Handle With Synthetic Green Emerald Jewel Ruby. Includes A Hard Caste Sheath.
Manufacturer: Master Cutlery Inc.
Size: 9-Inch Overall
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So excited when I got this

I ran to the mailbox and ripped into the package right there in the driveway. I had been looking for a small dagger for a while, and when I saw this one I knew this was the one. I love it! Such beautiful detail and the stone on the end is much greener than the picture shows. I would definitely recommend this to other blade lovers that like to get the Celtic stuff.

by Belle Domina >> See more reviews

very pretty and heavy

very pretty and heavy.. just as described.. but it is a novelty, not really intended to be a weapon obviously..... I dropped it on the floor ONE TIME.and the screw holding the blade loosened.. and I cannot tighten it back up. since its fixed internally... oh well.. now its a pretty wobbly costume knife.. assuming you don't drop it.. it should be fine.

by Jeremy Yetter >> See more reviews

Decorative piece

This is a small dagger, not a sgain dubh. It is too large and heavy to function in the roll that it was advertised as. Short, threaded tang, with the locking nut falling out of the hollow handle almost immediately.

by Lauri Shaffer >> See more reviews

I love this blade!

I have loved this blade since I first saw it last year on a diffrent site that was asking 45$ for and I just couldent afford it.Then I saw it in here.I ordered it right away and it is even cooler then I thought it would be!

Lovely Celtic Sgian Dubh

I bought the Sgian dubh for my husband to wear with his kilt. It's got a good heft, a fine blade, and beautiful Celtic-knot carving. Husband loves it. UPDATE: My husband accidentally dropped the knife -- and the "jewel" broke. Very disappointed. I expected better quality.

Sweet Looking Knife

Bought this as a gift for my wife (she is into this kind of stuff) and she absolutely loves it! What more can you expect for the price? I definitely feel like I got more than what I paid for.

by Kindle Customer >> See more reviews

nice for the price

nifty, but don't expect fine workmanship, well worth the price though. for required words it enjoys the feature that it will never need batteries.

Five Stars

This is a beautifully crafted product. I was very pleased with my purchase.

by Lainababe >> See more reviews

good price for what you get however

Shoddy quality, good price for what you get however.


Pleasantly surprised. Expected a flimsy letter opener, this is a nice, weighty, easy to grip knife. Good buy for the price. Looks Great as a paperweight or peeking out of a kilt pocket.