Keep your hands warm and in control Waterproof breathable outer shell Double fast drying breathable insulation layers Instant exposure of Thumb and Index for fine control Silicon Palm for superior grip.
Color: Moss
Manufacturer: AquaTech
Size: X-Large


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Good dexterity but not warm at all

I bought these gloves because I have to work outside sometimes and also take a lot of photos. While these gloves do have the nice feature of being able to poke your thumb and index finger through holes in the gloves, this makes it very easy to use a camera, I found that, unfortunately, they didn't offer any warmth at all. I was outside today working and it was 40F out, a little damp, but overall not too bad. I've found, in colder weather, that my hands need to be covered or they get very cold. Well, these gloves provided little or no warmth in this relatively warm weather; my hands will probably freeze in colder weather. For the amount of money paid for these gloves, I expected a lot more and I'm very disappointed.

Good idea, less than optimum execution

A good idea and useful for photo and touch screen usage. However, the sizing is quite small - I typically wear large gloves and these XL's are tight on me. Also the velcro straps are too short - not easy to put on over the cuffs of a jacket. and the lanyards are also short and get in the way when putting them on, plus the lanyard stitching came undone. It was good to have these when photographing in Mongolia in winter (with silk liners touchscreens still work) but the product could be improved greatly.

by Jeff Benson >> See more reviews

... cold weather as others have commented but they are pretty warm. Order one to two sizes larger I ...

They are not for very cold weather as others have commented but they are pretty warm. Order one to two sizes larger I ordered an XL and it fits ok but should have got an XXL. I think my normal glove size is L.

Photography Gloves

I have not worn these on a photo shoot so my review will be just my first impressions. Without instructions, discovering all of the features took some time. The finger holes are behind a covering that you must bypass to get your finger to the opening. The opening seems to expand to allow as much of your fingertip to extend through it as you wish. The velcro wrist closures are a big plus. Since my hands are between large and extra large, I ordered the larger size which makes the fingers a bit long. Since you have to maneuver your finger through the tip opening, giving a slight downward pull on the glove is not an issue. The gloves are warm and are supposed to be waterproof. I like them and look forward to using them on an Alaska photo shoot.