Be king of your own castle when the Windsor takes up residence on your face. Total wrap design shields your eyes from the elements. Megol nose pads keep this sunglass in place, whether you are on the boat, bike or just hanging out. Try the blue mirror lens option for water excursions.
Color: Black Frame
Manufacturer: Smith Optics
Size: Gray Polarized Polycarbonate
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Very nice!

These are probably the best polarized sunglasses you can find for this price! I got these as a pair of backups for a more expensive pair and I love them. There very light weight and the lenses are super clear and do well for a full day on the beach. I only give four stars because there is a tad bit of refraction or curvature at the bottom of the lenses but its barely noticeable. Other than that, for the price, you cant beat "em!

by mtn rider >> See more reviews

These fit my medium head but would look better on bigger heads due to the taller lens

The lens on these are taller than my previous Sunclouds, while I prefer a narrower lense. This is what you don't notice until you have them in your hands, but I didn't have time to go to the store. These fit my medium head but would look better on bigger heads due to the taller lens. The polarized lens are a bit weird.. while mountain biking I find they are too dark when you get under some tree cover and things get dicey. I'd opt for a lighter tint next time and perhaps no polarization.

by Elizabeth Langstreth >> See more reviews

The seller quickly sent them and they were perfect. This pair also came with a soft cleaning ...

I am a huge fan of Suncloud. This is the 3rd pair that I have purchased and not because the product went deffective, I lost them unfortunately. The seller quickly sent them and they were perfect. This pair also came with a soft cleaning case which was not included in my previous pairs. That was a lovely surprise. I will purchase from this seller again.

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Awesome sunglasses for a great price!

Suncloud makes a great pair of glasses! This mid-priced line of sunglasses is truly wonderful. You will enjoy the crisp, clean vision through these comfortable polarized sunglasses. Can't beat the quality for this price!

I really like the nose pads too

Surprisingly quality optics for a very reasonable price. The frame's shape isn't too sporty so you can get away with wearing them with a jacket and tie ( I have the tortoise finish). I use them mostly for fishing, but they work very well for casual use too. I really like the nose pads too. While they're not as grippy as some higher priced glasses, they're comfortable and are seamlessly integrated with the frame so they don't stick out.

by jeffrey m worsham >> See more reviews

Very nice glasses!

Very nice glasses! Well worth the money. I'm not one to spend more than $20 on glasses because they tend to get scratched easily, but these I splurged on and they are exceptional. The polarization is definitely better than I'm used to with the cheap glasses I usually buy. Well made, they seem like they are expensive glasses but very affordable.

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Good for cheap sunglasses

Good for cheap sunglasses. I am a maui jim fan and as such have become addicted to polarization. These are a good alternative if you either don't want to or cannot spend $100+ on polarized glasses. They have good clarity. the fit is a little tight behind the ears for a med frame, but a little heat from a hairdryer can help you custom fit them for you...

by Jim Freeman >> See more reviews

Good sunglasses

On of very few sunglass models from any brand that fits my face perfectly, so I bought several pairs. I've accidental dropped them many times faces down on concrete, but they did not scratch. On one pair, one of the rubber nose pieces fell off (lost now).

Sent to me damaged!! Great look and fit though, despite the merchant's mess up.

I own this style already, a few of them. Because the ends of the arms chafe on the inside of the lenses you'll have to replace these every year or less. It's a known problem with Suncloud's but I keep buying them anyway b/c I like the fit. When I took this particular pair out of the package there was a chip missing from the plastic above the left lens on the front and the bridge had scratches on the front side too. Not sure if this was from manufacturing or mishandling, first time I've seen this with new sunglasses. Because they're not expensive I'll just live with it vs. the hassle of returning, but I feel kind of cheated.

These are pretty good. They don't have much style but seem ...

These are pretty good. They don't have much style but seem to be a decent quality for around $25.