Chrome Plated Wide grip handle for two hand use. Two inside rubber washers fror secure fit. Can load seven 10 lb plates.
Manufacturer: TDS


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Does the job - but know its limitations

I purchased this because I am new to kettlebells and didn't want to spend a ton of money on a single bell that I would outgrow. This tool is very effective in the sense that with one handle and some plates, you have a home gym and can do pretty much any KB exercise. However, when you stack weights, they put a lot more pressure on your forearms than a round-shaped KB. I had to purchase wrist guards and also use a piece of foam when performing snatches and presses, otherwise the pressure on my bare forearm is too much, and quite painful. Also, as the other commenters have noted, the screw on lock nut gets loose when you rotate the handle during presses. This is typically not a problem - you just need to tighten it after doing a set of one-handed presses - but it's worth noting. So, net-net - I am very happy with the purchase. I'm able to do all the exercises I need and having the versatility of changing weights was very important to me. At some point, I might get a real 24kg KB when I have worked up to that point. But for now, this has proven to be a good purchase and I have significantly increased my overall strength using this product, despite the limitations.

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Better than a regular kettlebell!

If you are only going to use one size weight and know what that is get a regular kettlebell. If you are not sure what weight you might use and/or want to do different exercises with it this is a must. Just a few 10 lbs plates and I have a small gym ready to go. Easy to change plates and built well. From swings to curls to squats this is the way to go.

Love it

use for crossfit and I love it, Me and my wife can change weight to scale for workout. I use cheap plastic weights on the outside and put olympic plates on the inside. Only con is not an olympic size bar.

by Kevin Schvaneveldt >> See more reviews

Better options at dicks sporting goods

The handle is very slick, the sides of the handle are flat metal instead of round like a real kettle bell making this useless for many exercises. Its a good, idea, but needs a lot of work before I would recommend anyone buy one.

Kettle bell handle

Handle is a great alternative to buying multiple kettle bells if you have some 10lb plates available. I only wish their were 2 retention nuts to hold the weights on instead of one. Pros: cost, ease of changing weight, Cons: some exercises are very hard to do because of the flat plates and their size. Over all I am very happy with the handle and would recommend getting one to any one.

by Alex Bisarra >> See more reviews

great product except...

needs another nut to keep the plates locked down tight...always loosens up past ten reps; otherwise, very solid and meets my need.

Sturdy and versatile

You can't beat this piece of equipment. If you have standard plates, this is the way to go. Why spend so much money for a set of kettlebells when all you need is a handle that you can load with weights?

by Kindle Customer >> See more reviews

You need this tool.

I love working out with kettlebells and as I have progressed and purchased a couple more, the cost was adding up. I stumbled upon this this threaded kettlebell handle, purchased it and I couldn't be more pleased. I already had some old school standard plates so the purchase was a no- brainer. It's heavy duty and appears to be built to last. As other reviewers mentioned, get another threaded spinner to better secure the load under swings and clean and presses. With this and some standard plates you basically have a go-anywhere and do-anything gym. Add a pullup bar and you can get an extremely effective workout. Get this, you will not be disappointed.

by Justin Amyx >> See more reviews

Not a real kettlebell, but, does the job well

This is an excellent addition to my equipment, it is great to be able to have an adjustable kettle bell. The only problem I have is, as others have said, this will loosen as you use it, and the rubber washer has a tendency of getting stuck on the thread I think a solution is to put the washer in the metal thing that screws down. Also plate weights have a tendency to dig into your wrist, painfully, kettle bell pad and a sweat band offer ok padding. There is no substitute for the right tool. If you don't have the money for the right tool this will do.

Durable, Useable and Scalable

I bought this about 2 years ago and have been using it ever since. I use this mostly for two-handed kettle bell swings and both my hands fit snuggly inside the handle. The rubber gasket does a great job of keeping the weights held in place without allowing them to move around (I've never had a problem with weights loosening). I bought this to allow me to scale my workouts without spending money on several kettle bells while at the same time saving space in my home gym. I looked at many other options for adjustable kettle bells including the $10 build-it-yourself iron pipe version. This one was the most durable, useable and scalable one I could find. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to use kettle bells, but doesn't want to spend money on a full set or doesn't have the room to store several kettle bells. This is also great if you already have standard free weights since this is designed to be used with those. I also bring this along with me on road trips (driving) to allow me to do workouts where ever I am (fits great in the corner of the trunk).