Being versatile, long lasting, and efficient, the Sport BritEye is the perfect camping or emergency tool you will want Utilizing LED technology the BritEye camping lamp provides up to 70 lumens of bright light to help you light your path or campsite at night. Multiple Functions: Flashlight feature is a full burst of light from the top of the BritEye for direct spot illumination; or you can pull the easy pin to switch to a LANTERN and lighting up the entire campsite for hours. Power Bank: Keeping mobile device charged when there are no outlets around can be difficult. The BritEye offers a Power bank USB port, allowing you to plug in and charge your device directly through the batteries of the BritEye. Long Lasting: the BritEye lamp utilizes a built-in rechargeable battery to operate. The battery has a full charge time of approximately 10 hours, and has an average light time of 36 hours.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Cocoweb
Size: 4 inches
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I Have Bought 5. I now have 4. Sold one right after taking it out of its packaging at my job for $5 more than I paid LOL I LOVE these Lights! UPDATE:I know have bought 11? It's kinda like crack, but with more photons. LOVE this little lights. They make great gifts!

Small, Convenient, And Very Useful!

 I have said it before, that I like gadgets with multiple purpose. This flashlight/lantern/power bank is an awesome little gadget. Pros: - Very small, but bright in both flashlight, and lantern mode. - 7800 mAh backup battery charged any phone I connected to at full speed. - The included hook makes it very convenient to hang anywhere. Cons: - Takes a long time to recharge. Overall this is very useful gadget, and I recommend it.

LOVE this light, it is small and light and appears to be very well made

LOVE this light, it is small and light and appears to be very well made. I love the flashlight/lantern modes and the fact it will charge my phone in a power outage. I tested the light and it ran 9 hours before I gave up and turned it off.

by Such product much nice >> See more reviews

Good with minor problems.

As a battery, it's nice. It does its job. I'm not looking for speed (cuz I just put it in my backpack, connect it with my phone, and use the phone normally), and the capacity is as described. It took almost a whole night to charge, but again it's as expected. Minor complaints: 1. The pull-out portion is not as smooth as expected. 2. The mini-usb (input) is a little loose. I had to put it on the ground and leave it perfectly still. The slightest touch and the mini-usb would fall out of the socket. But i'm not going to do anything with it while it's charging, i guess (it's a battery), so it's not a big issue. The provided usb cable is about 23 cm, a.k.a. extremely short, so I had to use a separate cable, which might be the origins of this problem. Either way, it's not a serious problem but I want to share everything that I experienced. 3. The shell of the top of this thing sometimes come loose. It doesn't fall clean off, it just gets skewed. A small push would get it back in place, but i'm afraid that some day it'll actually fall off. All in all, minor problems aside, the product does its function, and deserves a 4 star.

by Kari Dylong >> See more reviews

this may be one of my favorite investments. This light is brilliant

Out off all the gadgets and gizmos I buy, this may be one of my favorite investments. This light is brilliant! It stands about 4 inches tall when it is closed, and is about an inch and a half wide. When the light is pulled up, it adds about an inch and half to its height. But let me be the first to tell you that this light is awesome! It is so bright and works like a charm! I have taken it with me everywhere not just because how awesome the light is, but because it really charges your phone, really fast without consuming too much of its battery. It does;t take too long to charge its battery, I would say if it was completely dead, it would take roughly 1.5 hours, but I have honestly never run my battery down to where it is dead because the battery life of this is so great! This light is great for emergency purposes. I've used it not only when I go camping and hiking, but when we had a power outage at our house, in the winters of Alaska! I am so in love with this product, and it never ceases to amaze me! I am so happy I found this product, and for its price it is even that more amazing! I love the little metal loop at the top so you can hang it from a book bag or in your tent. I keep a small carabiner on it so I always have the option of using it as a lantern and hanging it up somewhere. If you are looking to buy an efficient flashlight or phone charger, then this is the one to get!

works awesome.

works way better than I expected. I bought 2 of them for a trip I had coming up. it does take a while to charge them, but I can see why. I used one as a flashlight for night time around the campgrounds and a lantern in the tent. I used the other to charge my phone (twice) and another persons phone. charge time was really good. by the end of the trip, I still had some charge left on the one I used for charging the phones, and almost a full charge left on the one I used as a flashlight and lantern. I recommend these. I'm really happy with the product.

by HandsFull >> See more reviews

LED light stopped working 6 months after purchasing

UPDATE: I had to drop 2 stars because after a couple months after purchasing, the LED light has stopped working. So now I am just using it as a powerbank. Takes 10 hours to charge but the LED light is very bright and can illuminate in total darkness. purchased this because I work in the field in Africa and even while living in the city constant load shedding means we are unable to charge devices at home. My only irritation is the micro USB cord is so so short (just a few inches). After paying $20 they could have at least given me a medium length cord.

by Shaloa Robinson >> See more reviews

Coolest Gadget Ever!

This is a super cool charger. It's small and fits right in my purse which is going to be really useful on those long nights away from home, especially with my upcoming trip. It didn't cost me too much and the light is an added feature that didn't even cost me extra. It came in the mail right on time. Can't wait to actually put it to use. i'll be ordering from here again

by Ethan Drozd >> See more reviews

Only work for one night

The light was extremely bright, and I was able to charge my phone. I was initially very pleased with it but it stop working after one use.

Four Stars

Takes a little while to charge But a small price for the output and value.