UNREFINED RAW IVORY SHEA BUTTER BULK WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTORS!!! MANY SAY THAT BUT WE CAN PROVE IT!!! WE HAVE FRESH SHEA BUTTER RAW UNFILTERED. IT COMES LIKE PHOTO SHOWN!! IT WILL BE IN A PLASTIC BAG OR CUT UP IN CHUNKS, OR GOURD, BUT WE KNOW YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY YOU WILL LOVE OUR SHEA BUTTER, NOTHING ADDED TO IT WE DO NOT ANYTHING TO OUR SHEA BUTTER, WE SHIP ASAP!!!. WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTERS HERE IF YOUR NOT HAPPY PLEASE CONTACT US, PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS SHIPMENT WILL REQUIRE A SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE CONTACT US African Shea Butter 5LBS Organic RAW Unrefined 100% PURE COLOR Varies From: Yellow / Bright Yellow / Ivory / Light Yellow 1600 oz / 10 pounds / 10 Lbs / 4.52 kilograms (Kg) 100% GUARANTEED Natural Please note: To provide you with the LOWEST PRICE, we are having to pack this item in a poly bag / Brown Box. (Gourd for display only) NOTE: * We pack UNFILTERED Shea butter directly from their NATURAL GOURD they come in. Please do not expect filtered or artificially processed butter. * Due to temperature, upon receipt of shipment, you might find the Shea butter soft or somewhat melted. This is absolutely NATURAL!!!
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by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Awesome, awesome product!!!

I ordered this Shea Butter 6 months ago because I am allergic to EVERYTHING!! I started making my own oils/lotions/shampoos as a result and started ordering from a different company. I was very disappointed with the other company's level of service - often times it took two weeks to get my order! Also, the last order I placed was supposed to be Ivory Shea Butter and they sent me the standard yellow Shea Butter that stinks to high heaven!!! Needless to say I was skeptical when I saw the Shea Butter claims from smellgood. I placed my order and it arrived in about 4 days. Even better than that, when I opened the box it was a beautiful off white color and it was so SOFT!! It had almost no smell - there was a little of that earthy smell that is characteristic of Shea Butter but it was so light, my essential oils blended right in. Because of that I'm actually saving money - everyone knows how expensive essential oils are and I don't have to use as much with Shea Butter from smellgood. Since I started using it my skin is silky smooth (I've had no allergic reactions whatsoever!!) My stretch marks have become significantly lighter and you can barely see them. I also use it for my daughters and I've noticed the scar on my oldest daughter's leg is barely visible and her acne scars are all gone. We all have healthy, glowing skin - even my husband!!! It whips up so light and fluffly and mixes great with aloe vera gel, carrier oils, and any essential oils you can think of. I can't say enough good things about this product!! If you have problem skin and are looking for a good company with a great product to order from, smellgood is the place to go. I'm almost out of Shea Butter and I just placed another 10 lb order - I'm so pleased with them I also placed an order for 10 lbs of black soap too!!! Ok, enough of my ranting, try it for yourself and you'll see!!

by Sylvia in the South >> See more reviews

I'm in Shea Heaven!

OMG!!!!! This is the BEST Shea Butter I have ever experienced. It is truly pure, raw, and perfect. I did absolutely no processing whatsoever to this butter, because it is perfect just the way it is. It is smooth, nice smelling, and shell free. I just take a bit, rub it between my fingers a few seconds, and then apply it to whatever I want to make beautiful and soft...AAAHHHH!!! Happy skin! I recently applied this butter to a very badly infected cat-scratch before retiring one night, and awoke next morning with no infection. This stuff is wonderful! Next, I'm going to try it on my scalp and hair. I've heard that it is miraculous on leather---my shoes and purses and favorite coat will be next. Ten pounds is a lot of Shea butter, and it lasts at room temperature for at least 1.5 years. And, oh yes, SMELLGOOD packs this beautiful butter well and sends it pronto....fast. Thank you so very much, Smellgood. Sylvia in Tennessee

Wonderful Shea Product!!!

CHEAPEST SOURCE FOR SHEA BUTTER. I normally purchase Shea butter from a different site at $7/lb for 10lbs - much cheaper than I had seen at other places - until I found this batch on Amazon. That I missed it all this time is beyond me - probably because the smaller batches at $10/lb are what you see more. Also, the $10 shipping fee was not ideal. I wanted to try BOTH ivory shea butter and "yellow shea butter" (which is really kpangnan butter) and the price was right. Even with shipping, it will be $3/lb - CAN'T BEAT THAT! I also needed black soap that I planned to mix it with shea butter because black soap is a little too drying. THE REVIEW: This product is AMAZING! The scent may be overpowering, but this is truly shea butter not the crap you see all over the place. I also feel this product was much newer than what I purchased from my other source. There may be a smoky aroma to shea butter, but that's normal. Look at how they make the product and you will see that the smoky aroma is expected. USING IT: The product is a lot creamier and more buttery that my other batch. It's thick but rubbing between your palms melts it and it feels so wonderful on the skin. I wash my hands a lot and reach for my jar of homemade shea creme. I'm going to find a small cosmetic jar so I can it with me while away from home. Before use: I used the double boiler method to melt it. You may notice minor particles - these are the shell of the shea nut. Once it's melted, I lined a sieve with paper towel(I was out of cheesecloth) and let the oil filter through. THAT'S IT. Perfect and particle-free. To make it easier to use, I let it cool a bit(refrigerator works best to avoid graininess) and whip it up with some avocado oil and jojoba oil. To tone down the smell, I added some of my boyajian orange oil - it's food grade and should be used for cooking, but it's what I had on hand. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! VERDICT: BUY BUY BUY. I was concerned about the review who got less than 10lbs, and I weighed mine. Both were slightly over 10lbs. BUY MORE, SAVE MORE: Since I was purchasing 3 items - white and yellow butters and black soap, I purchased directly from their site where the shipping cost was not fixed. Total cost was $72.54. If I had purchased from here, it would have cost $82.47. If you're only buying one item, buy from Amazon - you save that way. UPDATE: Line your sieve/bowl with cheesecloth as paper towels are more absorbent which means wasted product. Since I had 10lbs of the stuff, I did not care too much, but I used a cheesecloth the second time around.

Feel cheated

While I was happy with the product, I ordered 10 lbs, but only received 8.66 lbs. If you can over look being cheated, then place your order.

by BOSS LADY >> See more reviews


My order came much quicker than expected and it was exacly what I viewed in the image. I was pleased with both the consistency and low odor. I will be sure to order again when its finished.

Truly Top Grade Raw Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter

This product is absolutely Amazing!!! It is indeed 100 % Top Grade Raw Unrefined Shea Butter. I've used other brands in the past and this one is Number 1 on my list. I started purchasing this Shea Butter 2 years ago. I needed an all-natural Shea Butter to use for my Hair and Skin product line. I was very pleased with the fast shipping of my order and even more pleased with the quality of the product. The Shea Butter is soft and easy to work with. It blends well with other essential oils I use. My products have a nice, even, creamy texture that I just couldn't obtain using other brands of Raw Shea. Other brands required me to use mass amounts of essential oils to try to obtain the texture I get with this Shea and it never really hit the mark. With this Shea, I use very minimal amounts of essential oils to obtain the creamy texture I desire for my products. This Shea is very easy to apply to your hair and skin. Your hair isn’t weighed down; but instead, full of body and life. The natural smell of Shea butter can be a bit offensive for some, though the aroma vanishes once it has been applied to your skin within minutes. You can also try using all natural oils such as Peppermint, Lemon, Etc. to hold it at bay. The folks at Smell Good are also very professional. I contacted them once because my package took longer than usual to arrive. Within 1 business day, Smell Good resolved the matter by contacting my local post office and obtaining the information I needed to pick up my package. Another time I noticed a gritty texture and thought Smell Good had sent me a bad batch of Shea. I was upset because I had to refund one of my customers because they claimed they found salt in the product. I immediately contacted Smell Good and complained. While I awaited a response, I researched and found hundreds of blogs on this issue. I found that in warmer climates or during periods of high temperatures the product may become grainy. Smell Good replied with the same information and eased my mind. In my profession it is very important to have a quality product but it is equally important to do business with a professional company. I appreciate Smell Good for providing both.

by Marilyn Curry >> See more reviews

Raw Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter

This butter has a pleasant nutty smell, it's soft - not hard to break down, in fact I can take a small piece and rub it in my hands and it dissolves. I use it on my face and I make hair products with it. I will be ordering this again.

by Sheree219 >> See more reviews

Great Quality

I for the first time bought shea in bulk. The quality is excellent and I got the package really fast. I will buy this product again.

by Phillydiva >> See more reviews

Discolored but soft butter

Good. I received all 10 pounds. There are some shell pieces and dark blackish-brownish tarnished butter throughout the 10 pounds. Good price and soft butter. This shipment doesn't smell as bad as the other Shea butters that I've purchased in the past.

by Essylouhoo >> See more reviews

Great Buy!

My sister and I use shea to make soap. We were a little reluctant to buy so much at once, but it was such a great deal. Well, we were not sorry one bit. It is exactly what was described. Yes it has an odor about it, but not a strong one.( I still grabbed some right out of the box to moisturize my hands and heels) I cannot wait for this batch of soap to cure so we can try it out.