The Flexwear easy-to-use infusion water bottle comes with a unique infusion attachment that allows for exciting and delicious new flavor combinations. Simply add your favorite fruits to the removable storage compartment, place inside the water bottle, and let the natural flavors infuse with the water.

10 inches in height, 2.75 inches in diameter, and only 6 ounces in weight, with a 24 ounce (or 750 ml) capacity, the water bottle fits comfortably in the cup holder in your car, the water bottle pouch on your backpack, or in the palm of your hand.

The Flexwear IB01 Infusion Water Bottle comes with a leakproof, easy-to-remove, screw-on lid. The infusion compartment is fully removable for easy access and cleaning.

Crafted from shatterproof, impact resistant Tritan plastic, our bottles are lightweight, durable, and contain absolutely no hazardous BPAs whatsoever.

Included with each order is a FREE recipe book with our favorite recipes and flavor combinations!

Each of our water bottles are built to last a lifetime and are covered by the Flexwear Lifetime Guarantee.

Color: Blue
Manufacturer: Flexwear
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by chanda goodsell >> See more reviews

Love the flavors

This year I have vowed up and down that I was going to drink more water and lose weight by cutting out all the crazy sugar drinks I have been drinking over the past few months. I had done really well over the first month and a half of the year with drinking water but then I started to have a hard time being ok with just plain water. I knew I needed to figure out something for myself to want to drink water more. My husband is the one who initially suggested to get an infuser water bottle. He thought having the fruit flavor for me might help me drink more water again. He was right! I got this fruit infuser water bottle and I was really surprised by how easy it was to use. I really thought it might be more complicated but the lid easily comes off and I am able to add whatever fruit I want to, to it and I usually now squeeze the fruit a tad bit as I am loading it into the infuser so that way I am able to get instant taste of the fruit with the water instead of having to wait a bit for it start to leak into the water. I have found my favorite flavor mixes being blueberries/strawberries and strawberries/lemons. I am loving that this is helping me drink more water and really getting me to look forward to that next water bottle full of water. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good water bottle that is able to help inspire you a bit to drink more by all the different fun flavors you could be adding to it. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

by J. Weston >> See more reviews

Yummy water

This bottle is BPA free (made from impact resistant Tritan Plastic). It seems sturdy. The fruit holder screws into place and this seems sturdy as well. The product includes a sheet with a few recipes on it to try in the bottle. The only thing I don't like about this bottle is that it is not dishwasher safe. On the bottle... Start making your own refreshing drinks within seconds! 1. Wash and prepare your choice of fresh fruits, veggies, or herbs. Be sure to slice up the items so the flavor may be released. 2. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with your choice of beverage. Sparkling mineral water adds a refreshing zest to your creation. 3. Fill the infuser basket 1/2 to 3/4 way for the most flavor. Less for a lighter touch. 4. Screw on the infuser cap and place it inside the bottle. Slowly top it off. Screw on the bottle cap, give it a shake and enjoy! This package Includes: Leak-proof cap Tritan 750mL Bottle Easy-pour infuser cap Infuser basket Care Information: Do not microwave Do not place in freezer Hand wash is best Wash before using Warranty information: Please visit our website to contact us with any customer service questions or concerns: I received this product for a discount in return for my honest review.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Nice size Infuser.

These infusion bottles are becoming very popular and there are so many different ways to design them but they all perform the same function. Whatever fruit you add to the bottle will infuse the water for a pleasant tasting healthy beverage. I own 3 from different manufacturers and I'm happy with all of them. I add fruit and mint to my Flexwear bottle the night before and place it it the refrigerator. By the morning, it ferments (infuses) into an assume beverage. No leaking, dishwasher safe. Place a few ice cubes in it for the ride to work. I received this offer at a discount for an unbiased review.

so I was really happy that this was a screw on top that feels ...

For water bottles it's really important to me that they don't leak, so I was really happy that this was a screw on top that feels very secure. I carry electronics in my book bag and any leakage would make for a real disaster. I had been searching for an infuser bottle for awhile and hesitated on purchase because a lot of people were saying how after a month or so you will find mold in the small crevices of the bottles. I've only had it for a few days put will update if that occurs. But with this specific bottle the spaces look large enough to reach when cleaning, I think I'm going to buy a baby bottle cleaner just to be safe. The only little nuisance I can say is that the infuser/ filter part that you screw on, it feels a little flimsy. The best part about this bottle though is that not everything is permantly attached so if for any reason the filter part gets mold of breaks the bottle isn't completely done for, even without the infuser it makes for a nice water bottle. A lot of people said after mold they had to trash the bottle but this one can be salvaged as a regular bottle which to me is a plus. * I received a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review.*

Great water bottle!!!

Highly recommend this product I use mine daily and plan on purchasing many more for friends & relatives. The plastic seems heavy duty, easy to open and easy to fill the fruit basket every couple of days. I drink SO much more water this way, I have this on my desk all day long, in my car and on my nightstand at night. I've tried several different fruit combos and have also used mint leaves and cucumbers. I can honestly say this would be my go to bottle even without using the fruit infuser. AWESOME customer service ~ I couldn't be a more satisfied customer :) I recieved this product on a discounted rate for writing an honest review

Nice infuser bottle!

This is a great water infusion bottle! The design is very nice and comes with a handle unlike other bottle infusers! It is very easy to use just remove the cover and put your favorite fruits in the infuser and let the flavors mix woth the water! It is very lightweight and the size is kust nice to carry anytime, anywhere! It can be placed inside a pouch or bag too because it has a leak-proof cap! Very convenient to use plus making your drinks always healthy on the go! It is BPA free so it is safe! Love it and will recommend it!

Very nice infuser bottle!

Recently I have tried three different infuser bottles. All of them have the same basic mechanics but this one has a few things that I think made it superior. The other infusers didn't look quite as nice as this one. This has the handle loop on the lid which I really love! The other lids were a little harder to get on right, this one is easy to screw on straight every time. The inside infusion part is a little stiffer to come out. I was able to pry my nail under it sms and get it out pretty easily, but for someone without nails they will need strong fingers or use something to get this out. The infuser is a pretty standard size and I would guess it could hold 6 to 8 ounces of fruit. This would be great for herbs too, but the holes are big enough that you will want to put them in a tea bag or something like that. The infuser that comes out, washes easily and is very self explanatory. This could be used just as a water bottle if you take the infuser out. I have plenty of water bottles so I never use it without the infuser, but that is an option. You could also fill the infuser with fruit and put it in a pitcher or larger container. I am pleased that this came with so many options for use! This is leakproof and I feel totally comfortable throwing this into the diaper bag or my purse without worrying about it coming open. It fits great inside the cup holder in my car as well. I like to put lemon slices and peppermint tea bags in mine and drink that throughout day. One last thing that sets this apart from the other infusers is that it arrived much more nicely packaged. It was in a little bag inside the box. And it also came with some recipes. I am very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend it! I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for a review. However all opinions expressed are honest and are my own.

No more plain, boring water

I have a couple of these and they go with me everywhere. I know that water is the best thing you can drink, but it gets so boring drinking plain water and the liquid flavors that you can add have way too many chemicals in them. I keep a couple of these in the fridge with different combinations of fruits and vegetables and now I drink these more than anything else. This particular bottle has a larger capacity than most, so it lasts a little longer. I've dropped these bottles countless times and they always survive. If I could change one thing about any of the bottles with infusers, it's that I wish you could freeze them, I prefer ice cold water, as opposed to ambient temperature water. I found out why they recommend that you not do that, it cracks the infuser that holds the fruit/vegetables. Unfortunately, it's the same with every bottle. All in all, I'm super happy with this bottle. It's made it hard for me to come up with excuses for not drinking the amount of water, everyday, that I should be drinking. I received the Flexwear 750 Fruit Infusion Water Bottle at a discount, but my review is totally based on my own experience.

by Joyce Oben >> See more reviews

Clever and convenient

This is a very convenient way to make infused water! The inner strainer part is a good size; it easily holds enough fruit to give the water noticeable flavor. All the parts fit together well. My husband and I have each used it several times, and so far, everything still fits together the way it should. It's also easy to take apart for cleaning. It's nice and sturdy. I can carry it around without worrying about breaking it. I haven't dropped it very hard yet, like onto concrete from a height, but it has fallen from the counter to the floor a couple of times. It withstood these falls without and visible damage or leaking. The handle on top makes it easy to carry. I also added a carabiner to the handle to I can clip this bottle onto my bag. So far, that's working well for me. I received this bottle at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. It's a very nice vessel so far! If anything changes, I'll update this review.

He is allowed to keep a water bottle with him while he is working and he usually likes to add lemons to his water so I thought h

I got this infusion water bottle for my husband to take with him when he goes to work. He is allowed to keep a water bottle with him while he is working and he usually likes to add lemons to his water so I thought he would love this type of infuser bottle. It is very nicely made and it works just as it should, but he is not crazy about this one because it does not have a straw/spout on the mouth part. For me, it is kinda hard to take the part out so that you can put your fruit/veggies in it. I struggle a bit each time. I think if it had the spout part on it, it would be great. I like the free recipe booklet that comes with it. It has some nice and interesting recipes on it that I think I would like to try out. I received this water bottle infuser at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review is based completely upon my own personal opinions and experiences with this product.