Show your team spirit with a banner flag flying high. Your favorite team's logo is printed in with vibrant colors and splashed across this full-size 3x5' flag. Run it up a flag pole or hang it from your wall. Everyone will know your favorite team.
Color: Washington Capitals
Manufacturer: Rico Industries, Inc.
Size: 3'x5'
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What can you say other than wow. I love the quality of the flag, it is very thick. Will last a long time, definitely made for outside use. I also love the fact that it has metal grommets. Some other flags use these plastic clips on the end of the flag. When you use those, they sag away from the pole and it just looks bad. This flag though, has metal grommets, very strong, and keeps the flag nice and snug to the pole. Definitely worth the money.

by Tim Yocum >> See more reviews

Wrong item...twice...

If the image you're looking at for this image is a red flag with the blackhawk head and the words "Chicago Blackhawks" on the bottom, you should know that the item you'll get if you buy this is...completely different. I've bought this twice and returned it twice as a result. Heads up!

by John T. Sostak >> See more reviews

How are they keeping Blackhawks Flags in stock?

Every house in Chicago needs one of these flags! The Hawks are on fire. Feels good to see the team win, and the Blackhawks flag is a nice way to root on the club. It is thin which allows the Indian Head logo to be seen on both sides. Some reviewers have complained that they were delivered white flags. Mine was red, exactly as pictured. The NHL Chicago Blackhawks Flag is made in China.

by Javan M. Deloach >> See more reviews


The flag is made out of a very light weight material, and has started looking frayed after being hung out only a couple of times. All of the places where the flag was folded for shipment have started becoming transparent looking. This flag is not made for outside display.

by Abe Froman >> See more reviews

I've gotten better quality for FREE

This is a HUGE disappointment. The flag is the promised size, but the QUALITY is horrible. I assumed for the money being paid that the flag would be a full fabric of different colors....NOPE. The flag began is PAINTED black! Yes, painted. It is uneven, and blotchy; not to mention, stiff like it has been heavily starched due to the paint like texture. I am sending this one back.

by SIMMONDS4 >> See more reviews


As always, awesome flag! I bought this to replace my old worn out Red Wings Flag, and it is exactly as described! Looks great flying up there with the US Flag!

Flyers pride, top quality

Had this flag flying since the day it was delivered till the end of the season. It survived 2 big storms and one bad flyers season. No discoloration and is in the sun 9 hours a day in my yard. Good flag.

BlackHawks Flag

I saw several negative reviews on this flag but I ignored them all and ordered the flag anyways. My flag arrived today in perfect condition and most certainly was 100% as pictured and advertised. Very proud to add this flag to my collection of favorite Sports Teams.

Great deal and great product

Great deal and great product. The only problem was the flag was super wrinkled and creased when it came out of the package. My husband needed to put it in the dryer to get them out.

NOT AS PICTURED They send you the Division thile flag, not the Red one

NOT AS PICTURED They send you the WHITE Division thile flag, not the Red one as shown in the photo or description. This could be Just a problem with AMAZON PRIME FILLED ORDERS. TRY ONE OF THE OTHER VENDORS, or email them 1st. Ask for a refund , not replacement from Amazon. Because you will get the same WRONG flag again.