Moisturizes dry hair. This velvety leave-in spray balm smooths the hair, leaving it full of shine. With silk extract.
Feature: Apply with hands directly to mid-length and ends of damp hair. Do not rinse.
Manufacturer: Wella
Size: 5.07


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by H. Killough-Walden >> See more reviews

When nothing else would - this worked

My daughter has very, very fine (nordic) blonde hair and lots of it, both in length and in volume. It tangles if she so much as turns her head. If she doesn't want it to be a bird's nest in the mornings, I have to braid it before she goes to sleep. It's just one of those mixed blessings kinds of things - it's the hair every girl dreams of having, but that none of them really want to take care of. My daughter's only ten, so she is unprepared to do the constant brushing, trimming, conditioning, and so forth that it takes to keep it from getting knotted, and let me tell you - some of these knots can break records. However. I bought this for her because I use the red kind, for color-treated hair and my hair is also very fine and very long, and it has always worked wonders for me. So, she used it the other day upon coming out of the shower, following my instructions to place it only on the ends and very gently comb it through, beginning from the tips to about half way up the shaft. Then she patted it dry with the towel and left it. I have never seen her hair so smooth and so shiny. She went through the entire day without brushing it (as usual for her), and yet it never got tangled. And when she accompanied me for a hair appointment, my hair dresser told her that she had gorgeous hair. Gold, shimmery, thick, lustrous locks. So, I guess I can say this stuff works. :)

by Miss Gina >> See more reviews

great for my hair I've seen a big change

ordered this about 3 weeks ago and I love it. it smells great and my hair looks healthier will be buying another bottle very soon

Awesome; works great

Origanally received in glossy box as sample, immediately noticed difference in my hair. My hair was soft and managable and the smell is divine!! Purchased full size ASAP!

it's okay

I was hoping this would be better than other over the counter products because it is "professional" but it really isn't. Not bad but just okay.

by Oceans To Go >> See more reviews

great product

This is a great product. Adds shine to your hair and helps smooth it on those humid days. I will be purchasing more

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Great Leave-in conditioner

I often don't have time to mess with conditioner after shampoo (I run late a lot) and so I just use shampoo and then put this in my hair (10 pumps into my hands and then into hair) and it works great. Super smooth hair, blow-dries straight despite natural wave/curl, although I must add that I mix in one of those anti-frizz oils, two pumps, into it. Love the smell, too!

I have super thin hair that tangles easy and breaks easy

I have super thin hair that tangles easy and breaks easy. I like this because it makes combing easier after shower and i like the way my hair feels and looks (not so dry). I don't think it is "fixing the main problem and making it healthier though but it does make it look better.

Wonderful results

My hair has been so much healthier since I started using this product. I recommend not washing your hair more than twice per week, use a sulfate-free shampoo and use a hair cap to keep your hair dry on non-shampoo/condition days. Also, smells A M A Z I N G.

by james cassata >> See more reviews

have used this product for some time and love how it protects from dryness

have used this product for some time and love how it protects from dryness. i have fine hair and find that wella makes it very manageable.

by Tia Later >> See more reviews

Great product.

This is a wonderful leave in conditioner, My colorist at Sassoon told me about it. Really great stuff. I love the one with tomato pumice.