What it is: For Color Treated Hair. Makes colored hair supple and soft while increasing shine with Liquid Crystal Technology. What it does: Instantly helps restore and enhance vibrancy of colored hair. What else you need to know: Please do not allow water to remain in the jar after use.
Manufacturer: Wella
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My wife has this used on her hair when she has it done by professional's. She likes the product but after looking everywhere and could not locate it. I turned to Amazon!

Better than Redkin Complete Control

I love this product, left my hair feeling like a million bucks, smooth and manageable and soft. I will definately buy this and the Brilliance shampoo again

Shiny soft hair

I first discovered this product after my colorist used it on my hair after highlighting. I loved the way it may the texture soft and shiny. I use it every three to four shampoos. After towel drying, I use a very small amount starting at the ends and working my way up. I leave it in and do not wash it out. My hair feels so silky and is so shiny...I love it. My hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy. When I don't use the product my hair can look dry.and a bit fried from all the blow-drying, coloring and curling iron. Small price to pay for beautiful results.

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One, among many similar products

This is not a bad hair product, but nothing unusual. I keep looking for the perfect item for my fine, somewhat frizzy hair. I could use a product that gives a bit more body and thickness. It is pleasant and light-smelling, not too sticky, and I use it in turn with other products.

by Shayda Windle >> See more reviews

Best Hair Product Out There

I have tried many hair products for my dry mane and this one consistently leaves my hair moisturized and light, instead of feeling weighed down like so many other conditioning products. Wella is worth every penny!!

by H. Waterman >> See more reviews


I swear by this product, it makes my hair feel so soft. I have only had good results with this. The only downside is the cost as I got it elsewhere. Happy to recommend though. A great product.

by Xinia Cordero Vargas >> See more reviews

Excellent product

I like Wella products so much, my hair is very happy. You can recommend this product to your friends. I will buy again.


I just love it and it is great for my colored hair. It is not expensive and it's worth the price

I really wanted to like this...

Maybe its just not right for how I wear my hair. I have fine, color-treated wavy/curly hair. I use Wella hair color every few months and my hair tends to get pretty dry. This left my hair flat and lacking much curl. I didn't see the shine that everyone else got, but maybe that's because I wear my curly. Maybe if I straightened it the shine would come out...

by Bernice Lambert >> See more reviews

Very nice!

I have fine hair that is also highlighted. This balm is incredible. My hair look good before, from using the other Wella Brilliance products; however, the balm gave it just a little more boost. In addition, the smell is wonderful. This is the first time buying this product, but will continue.