Original equipment Avid replacement parts. Retrofit and/or repair many models of Avid disc brakes.
Manufacturer: Avid


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by Jeremy R. Sievers >> See more reviews

Avid should rethink their barbs

These are hard to work with compared to shimano and magura. I have experience with all of these and you have to be really really careful with installing these avid barbs, they seem like a good idea, but as you get close to all the way on they are really easy to break off. Shimano and magura are easy, put in place, tap with hammer, and done. This is critically to get right each time. Every time you break off an avid barb you have to try again with a slightly shorter hose, eventually your hose might be too short, $30 later and you have a new hose to try again. Shimano and magura, nail it every time, don't even think twice.

by royalOaker >> See more reviews

avid oem parts

a must have to service hydro avid brakes.best deal in town & sure beats flesbay.....all is well in the jungle.thanks for the bargain.

by Greg Ward >> See more reviews

No leaks

These fittings cost less than half of I what I pay for them at the bike shop and they don't leak.

by CautiousBuyer >> See more reviews

Great For Shortening Brake Hose

Needed to shorten my brake hose. These worked perfectly.