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It is scratch resistant coated poly-carbonate.

When cleaning, Please using water and mild detergent or wipe with a soft cloth.

The best way is to confirm its model name on the helmet shield you have.

If you see the left or right top side of shield,

there would be MODEL : HJ-XX. After you confirm it, you can purchase the same model's shield.

Color: Smoke
Manufacturer: HJC
Size: One Size
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Dark smoke works well.

I got the dark smoke for a CL17. I'm kind of torn between this and the clear w/sunglasses. I love this visor at speed and when it's down, but when you come into town and open it you get blinded (I'm a blue-eyed sissy). With the clear w/polarized sunglasses I would get that weird rainbow and all white vehicles turned bright pink, but my eyes were comfortable at all speeds. This isn't the product's fault, just part of being on a bike. It does work well for sun shading and I find myself closing it halfway in town for in-the-face evening sun. As far as the product, everything's fine. It closes all the way, gives me the 5mm crack, and stays in place at the intermediate stops. My only gripe is that in bright direct sun you you see your own face - again, not the product's fault.

by Jimmy Johnson >> See more reviews

Stay away from Silver version

Silver Version - I loved this visor at first, it looked awesome with the blue/orange CL 17 helmet. It was a little too dark for night time riding but you could get away with it as long as streets were decently lit. A few weeks in ,after cleaning it with soft towels and non-ammonia based spray on a normal basis, tons of scratches appeared almost instantly out of nowhere. I can no longer use it because the visibility is so bad.

Dont fit right

Shield dont fit right it dont close down all the way and its overlaps the top as well. It snaps in and everything. My helmet is a cl-17 hjc and it says it fits these types of helmets. Its a reall nice shield no scratches no problem coming out the box.

Great looking Shield. Let's my competition know I'm coming!

This shield matches the yellow on my helmet nicely. I had a mirrored shield before but like this one more. It lets plenty of light through and I have no complaints. At angles you can't see into the helmet. If you get the right light and are close you can see it, doesn't bother me though. Looks pretty cool to me! Wear it in my karting helmet.

by Complimentary >> See more reviews

Almost perfect - but a pretty good price at least

Okay, I bought the blue version. This is Super sweet looking & matches the HJC HJ-09 Shield pretty well. A few things might give you a better idea of if you should buy this visor vs. other ones out there: -It's not made specifically JUST for HJC; as it's a general shield. -It overlaps/covers (slightly) the upper vent holes on my HJC CL-17 helmet = therefore no ventilation with the shield in the down position from those vents (but that helmet has other vents on it - so....) -it's quite opaque & not as dark as I'd like; although I don't seem to find any low end helmet having an actual dark enough shield. You could probably ride around at night time on city lit streets & be okay with the visor down (not advising you do this; but you could). -No pin holes (which is what I wanted, less stuff in my peripheral vision) This does not come with a pin lock. -Reflection of yourself on the inside of the visor - weird but true sometimes the light hits it just right. As usual, always wipe clean with wet tissues in order not to scratch. Owned for about a month now (used almost daily) with no scratches/signs of wear.

by Todd McCarley >> See more reviews

Every hjc visor has the model etched on it.

This is basically to warn anyone with fitment issues to check the visor to ensure you have the right one. Every legit hjc visor has the model etched on one of the corners. So to verify what you need check what is on your helmet first. I have a cs-r3 which has an hj-09 visor so that is what I ordered in smoke. I get the product which didnt take long and on the package says hj-09 (great right?). The visor itself immediately looks way to big so I'm like wtf. I take my visor off of my helmet put it up to the new one it's roughly 2inches longer from top to bottom. I couldnt find any info on Amazon attempting to speak to some of these third party venders in person on the phone is not always easy so I looked on my new helmet and in the booklet is a number for hjc which by the way has amazing customer service. I call tell them the issue and they tell me the visor on my helmet should have a number etched in it (which I had no idea) and it did hj-09. Also i check the visor I bought and it says hj-12 (bingo) perfect thank-you hjc. So how it got mislabeled is beyond me but human error is possible. So I simply want to make it known although most people may know there is a model number etched on the visor. if you didnt know that hopefully this will help you choose the visor you need easier and also if u get the wrong one (like I did) it will help you find the reason why it won't fit much easier. So regardless of what it says on the packaging, check the visor itself and it should be the same number as the one that came on your helmet. I included pics so you can easily see how they screwed up.

by greasykorean >> See more reviews

Do Not Buy This Shield.

Do not buy silver version. This visor is complete garbage. I've used it twice, on a 100 and a 200 mile ride. During the second ride there was light rain. The rain literally washed the coating off. At first I thought it was just dirty and streaky after the rain. I then used a soft polishing cloth (the kind the optometrist gives you to clean your eyeglasses) to clean and get rid of the streaking. Turns out the streaking was where the tint-coating was coming off. After just a few initial wipes with the cloth, the cloth came away black. I used no cleaning products on it at all. This visor is not made of a tinted plastic, it is clear with a colored coating. The coating is sub-par and, I would imagine, probably not UV blocking either. Do yourself a favor and skip it.

Great Visor

This is an excellent visor. Fit my helmet exactly as described. The tint is just enough to block sunlight but not enough to make it difficult to see. For being tinted, it is extremely clear and crisp. Well worth the money paid.

by Shane Meehan >> See more reviews

Doesn't fit HJC CL-17 correctly/completely

I got the silver visor and just like other reviews, you always see a nice reflection of yourself. In direct sunlight it is quite distracting (minus 2 stars). The biggest issue is that it does not form a good seal with the helmet (HJC CL-17) so air is not completely blocked from entering at the bottom of the visor (minus 2 more stars). This visor does fit the helmet, but correctly it does not. Be careful with this one.

by Darren McLane >> See more reviews

Wipe off bugs, and the tint goes too.

I loved the look and the tint level of this visor. The tint quality on the other hand was a disappointment. After roughly four hundred miles of bug laden roads it was time to clean it. I took special, extra gentle, made for motorcycle visor cleaning solution and a microfiber towel to clean the splattered guts off and so came off the mirrored tint. I now have several distracting spots of varying tint for the remainder of my 2100 mile ride. Not fun.