HJC AC-12/FS-10/CL-SP/CL-15/CS-R1 Anti-Scratch Shield Clear
Manufacturer: HJC


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HJC branded HJ-09C (clear) shield; no pinlock drillings

Yes, it's branded HJC; it's identical to the original shield for my CL-16, except no pinlock drillings. I always worry that these will be knock-offs, but this was legit. The shield came in a plastic bag inside a Kohl's box big enough to hold the molded shield in its relaxed (not flattened) shape. No padding, so thank goodness the box wasn't crushed! This shield came with the original sticker that protects the viewing area from scratches; the original sticker for a CL-15 XXXL helmet, that is! No problem, but I worried that the CL-15 mount would be different than the CL-16 and that the XXXL sizing would be somehow larger than mine. But all was good. I compared everything with my original CL-16 shield, right down to the embossed part number "HJ-09C" and warning message over the right side temple, the locking button, and the engagement cam. The part number said it all -- helmet size doesn't matter. This shield has no pinlock mounting holes drilled in it. If you need that, then see "HJC HJ-09 Pinlock Shield (CLEAR)" for a shield pre-drilled for use with the "HJC PINLOCK INSERT FITS HJ-09, HJ-07, HJ-05 CLEAR". I got what was advertised, second-day, in new condition. Satisfied customer!

by Shooter mcgavin >> See more reviews

Didn't fit perfectly...

Have the HJC CL16 and ordered this as a replacement. For whatever reason, the visor doesn't seal very well with my helmet (like the old one did) and as a result, allows excessive wind through the visor at higher speeds. Keep in mind you get what you pay for with a helmet, but come on...

Good quality shield visor for HJC helmets

After 3 years or using the previous shield I had, the original one, it was about time to get a replacement. This one fits my CL15 perfectly. It is very clear and I had zero issues installing it. Not sure how resistant it is or will be to scratches, time will tell, but as a suggestion, keep the helmet protected or do not leave it attached to your motorcycle. Even though I require prescription glasses to ride, I do have a pair for summer season; my sun glasses are totally dark but with my prescription (I have myopia, not too bad though) That, with this type of clear shield, avoids the hassle of keeping an extra shield with you all the time, for example if gets too dark. It is a matter of changing glasses instead of shields, which are bigger and more prone to breaks. So, if you are ok wearing sun glasses with your helmet, get a clear shield like this one instead of a dark one.

by Olivia Cross >> See more reviews

Well, it fits

I have a cl-16 XL helmet, and when we received the package the shield said it was a medium. Needless to say, that shield DOES fit the XL without any hassle or struggle. When I had questions about the order the shipper emailed back with in one day and was very helpful.

Perfect fit for AC-15

There were no issues and it fit my AC-15 helmet like a charm. The shipping was quick although it was through the USPS and the box was crushed when I received it. There was no damage to the shield and with no scratches.

Didn’t fit exactly right on size large CL16 HJC

Clipped right in to my CL16. But there is a gap around the brow seal. When caught in rain I have to electrical tape the seam or I get water on the inside.

by Chris Geary >> See more reviews

Appears to be exact replacement; a bit tight, but not a problem

Doesn't close tight quite as easily as my old shield (doesn't "seal" without a little help) but that might just be because it isn't broken in yet. All in all, what I was looking for.

HJC Shield Clear

Ordered this to replaced a scratched one. Love it. Nice and clear. Came promptly. Installed myself and I'm new in the motorcycle world. Thanks for great service.

Perfect Fit

This worked on my HJC helmet. I didn't realize until I bought this that the replacement shield on the HJC's is written right on the helmet

by Nordic Hammer >> See more reviews

Perfect Fit

Very easy install, pop out the old shield and push the new one in. Be sure to order the same size shield as your helmet.