The Stingray is a large diameter disc that has a very predictable turn and excellent glide. It has a shallow rim that makes it easy to grip for smaller hands and allows for a smooth consistent release. These characteristics make it a good choice for beginners. The Stingray is also an excellent disc for throwing controllable mid to long range roller shots.
Color: Colors Vary
Manufacturer: Innova disc golf, us sporting goods, INNKK
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by thecookie >> See more reviews

Love this disc

Love this disc, I got it in Blue. Amazing plastic and does exactly what you want it to do. Throw it straight, it flies straight. Throw it curved and it will fly curved. If it didn't go where you wanted it to go, you didn't throw it right. Made my first 100+ feet put with this disc. Highly recommended for any beginner or intermediate (Can't say if it's good for pro's, since i'm not there yet). Once my disc is old and unusable, i'm definitely getting a new one of these.

by Mark Ehalt >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Excellent product for the price

by Steve Carson >> See more reviews

Straight and true...

I love the Stingray disc! I use them as drivers, as they fly straight and don't fly way to the left like so many real drivers. I find that frustrating and annoying. But the Stingrays fly very straight for most of their run. They may not be the longest flying disc, but they are definitely the most accurate disc I use. I bought this one for my granddaughter - it came in bright orange - she loves it!

Hate it!

I hate this disc, it's the only disc that I cannot throw consistently and it is quick to turn on its side and roll forever.

by Jeremiah K. >> See more reviews

The good ole' all-in-one

I love this disc. Seriously, I had the edition back in the day that said it was an all-in-one. Someone, who will not be named, stole it from me and I've never seen him again. Must be that awesome of a disc. It will dent if you hit a tree hard enough, but other than that it's a great mid-field disc. Would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for a reliable and reasonably priced mid-fielder.

by Reed Alexander >> See more reviews

I enjoy throwing it!

Do your research before buying. This disc will do what you want it to do if thrown correctly but there is a learning curve. It's a wonderful glider.

Five Stars

Nice disc for mid - range shots

Decent disc

This is an awesome midrange disc the only problem is dx plastic kinda sucks once it hits a tree too hard it never flies quite the same I would stick with champion plastic as the couple extra dollars is just that much more durable.