The TAP Bell Club - 2.5 KG is effective for improving strength, flexibility, and coordination. The 2.5 KG Bell Club is often selected by overhand athletes for dynamic exercises with focus on coordination, agility, and strength. They were inspired by Indian Clubs that are centuries old, but unlike the traditional Indian Clubs, the TAP Bell Clubs are made of metal with rubber coatings. The basic movement of the Bell Clubs is a swinging motion and is excellent for hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder stability/mobility. Bell Clubs help to strengthen soft tissue in addition to the grip and forearm strength that is developed as a result of exercising with them. These weighted implements are not toys and should be used only with proper instruction and supervision. Actual colors may vary.
Manufacturer: TAP
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by John M Sr >> See more reviews


REALLY REALLY AWESOME CLUB ! I use this Bell-Club following Scott Sonnen's KING OF CLUBS program. If you can not afford the TACFIT or CST Clubbells this product is one of the "Best Alternatives" to get you into Circular Strength Training. If you have never used bell clubs before. you should know the10 Kg "22 lb" is about the same as CST 25 lb, A gap between "normal" and "Bruiser Weights" and is meant for use by men or women possessing "Exceptional Competitive Strength" and mostly used two-handed strength training. Be Safe & Enjoy...

by Mr. Inflexible >> See more reviews

An Excellent Purchase That's Very Different From A Kettlebell

I have had kettlebells for a while. Always thought that Bell Clubs (Clubbells) were something different, but not so much that they were worth the cost of getting one. Then I bought one of Scott Sonnen's tacfit programs and a club was needed for that. I was very surprised at the difference in the feel of the two. I find the club works my grip better and I think it will prove to be very beneficial for BJJ. If you are thinking about getting a sledgehammer instead, I wouldn't. The weight distribution is very different. Too much weight down at the bottom of the hammer.

by LifePerspectives >> See more reviews

Nice weight to it

I like TAP Bell Clubs. I have a few now. I just wish I bought two 5kg clubs! The rubber coating is more forgiving if you drop them or smack yourself on accident! Especially at this weight. Its a great entry level club to heavy club swinging. I will buy more.

Good thing I have a dark carpet and wasn't wearing ...

FYI for anyone buying this: I haven't used this yet, but after taking it out of the box, my hands were smeared with black oil or smudged with something black. Had to take a rag and a couple wet paper towels and seriously wipe the whole thing down several times before it's clean. Knocked off two stars for this. Good thing I have a dark carpet and wasn't wearing a white shirt. Other than that, it appears to be solidly built and heavier than I expected. I should've got the 5 kg. I'll update this review later with regard to balance, etc.

by Mathew Michel >> See more reviews

Great workout!

I bought these because the current 15lb bells were out of stock at [...] Those seem to have a huge following. I think these ones are longer than the other bells I linked but I am 5' 5" so that could be my problem. Just rocking the bells back and forth warms you up really quickly!

Black rubber rubs off, don't let the cone ends

I have used these clubs for about 6 months now. While the cone shaped knob at the end was no big deal initially, I have found myself less and less fond of them. I wish the design were different. While the weight is fine, the black rubber also rubs off on everything it touches so I ended up with large black smudges all over my carpet on more than a few occasions. as I work with clients, their hands would often times come away black, which they weren't all that fond of. Other than that, good price for a cheaper set of clubs.

by INFORMED BUYER >> See more reviews


This product has a thin neoprene cover with odor, but still results in a very inelastic collision (hard hit). It should be used in a large volume of space where nothing that you want to keep free of damage exists. If it was softer, it definitely would get a higher rating. The product can be effective if you are familiar with the modern exercise routines it was designed for (and not the ancient indian ones). It would be helpful if the description made it clear that this exercise club is quiet hard.

Great find!

I'm just getting into club swinging. I bought some 3 lb wooden Indian Clubs about 2 years ago. I was looking to purchase some heavier clubs (meels) however, I was having a tough time finding a distributor in the US. Also, the wooden meels can get pretty expensive relative to the weight. Then I found some information on club bells. I figured that I would start relatively light. I've been lifting weights almost my entire life. However, the strength needed for club bell exercises is a bit different. I purchased a 5 KM bell and found this to be suitable for now. The club bell exercises are great for grip strength and working out your shoulders. If you lift heavy, then you know about sore joints the older you get. The circular strength acquired from club bell exercises help to relieve shoulder, elbow, and wrist soreness. I am satisfied with my Tap Bell purchase. Great product.

by Adam D. Houston >> See more reviews

Works well, but smells aweful.

Pros: They work great, I use them as a heavier version of indian clubs. Cons:The grip can take a little bit to get used to, my hands had to develop a few callouses. My main problem with them is that they have a really, really, really strong rubber/chemical smell. It dies down after like a month, but even after a few months my backpack still reeks.

by Vadim Marcovallo >> See more reviews

Good workout apparatus

Meets most expectations. Good weight. The grip is soft, so the training effect on the hand is not as effective as the other band. Got a good deal so I went with it.