NCAA Georgia Bulldogs Chrome Frame
Color: Georgia Bulldogs
Manufacturer: Rico Industries, Inc.
Size: ONE


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by Russell Morris >> See more reviews


License plate arrived very quickly looking exactly as described. My only complaint is that I wish it had mounting holes at the top and bottom. Sometimes it rattles when my rear door closes down (on an SUV). Very small issue though. Had I known this going in, I still would have bought it!


This is a metal frame, but the names at the top and bottom are plastic and they are in there with double sided tape. I have concerns about how long the tape will hold the plastic pieces on. We'll see. If you are looking for a solid metal embossed type frame, look elsewhere.

Perfect Solid-Metal Chrome Frame

Although a bit skeptical, I decided that the price would be worth the product even if it did not live up to my expectations. However, this license frame was worth the $15 to say the least! I've looked elsewhere for frames - our University bookstore had a cheap chrome-sprayed plastic frame that looked as though it would be weathered pretty easily (and it cost $25!). I saw in the description of this product that it was a chrome-plated metal frame, and they were telling the truth. The frame is heavier than it looks, and it is of solid construction without any flaws in the chrome. The written letters are thick, hardened, textured colored plastic placed into the frame. This surprised me, as other frames usually have a flat painted plastic (or vinyl) instead of colored & textured plastic. It looks as though I can leave this on for about 70 years before you see any wear-and-tear on the product. The only caveat is that the bottom of the frame is thick, so it will cover up your registration/title stickers that are on the corners of your license plate. However, cops won't pull you over for it since they can see a part of the sticker still poking out. Other than that trivial fact, I recommend this product 100%; great price, durable and weather resistant.

by Chilehead Craig >> See more reviews

Looks sharp on white cars

This is a decent plate frame for the price. Not super high quality, but good enough and it looks really sharp on our white Honda Accord. Our Indian Head was not all yellow, as pictured, but had the standard color scheme, but YMMV. Ours came with the old Indian Head logo... get 'em while you can! Go Noles! Update: The white plastic has started to yellow in just under a year. Will keep it on there for now, but will likely need replacing next year.

by Jason C. Roberts >> See more reviews

Great Product

Received on was raining so i couldnt put it on until wednesday, but it fit perfectly on my 2013 nissan juke and looks great. its simple enough looking to not scream HEY LOOK AT ME, but stands out enough so fellow fans can see it and appreciate it. I live in Texas and support the Tide and I've gotten a couple waves for it already...great product and great price. its pretty heavy duty too...sturdy.

by XxTactical_TomboyxX >> See more reviews

A must have!

As a Duke BD fan, this is something I like to have on my car to show off my love for the school. I was worried that it wouldn't fit, but I did. It's well constructed & the colors are correct. Love it. A must have!

by Savy shopper >> See more reviews

Nice frame but, not as pictured, but I like better.

The license plate is not like the picture, maroon on white and yellow on white. I received maroon top and bottom. I actually like it better. It looks great on my car. Would have rated 5 stars, but should have a picture of actual item. Also, has 4 screw holes instead of 2. Will upload pics, soon.

Attractive & Cool

Go Badgers! I bought two of these, one for each of my parents to put on their cars. The frame is attractive, and shows our support of the Badgers, which is what we were going for. The only reason I give it a 4 out of 5, is the bottom covers up the bottom part of the license plate. If a cop wants to give you a hard time, you can get cited for that (at least in some states). So, for example, on a Florida License plate it will cover up the bottom where it says your county (or Sunshine State). Some license plate frames take this issue into consideration, and make the frame a bit taller so the bottom bit can drop a bit lower, so the bottom of the license plate isn't obscured. I wish this license plate frame did that. The frame itself is good looking, and I'd suggest it to other UW fans!!! Get em Bucky!!!!

by mamacarp27 >> See more reviews

Deceptive picture

This picture is very deceiving. The lettering is bright red on white plastic. From the picture it looks like the entire frame is metallic with dark red or black lettering and a matte silver finish under the letters. Not at all what you get. The end result is usable but a much cheaper, lower quality look than what is pictured. I'd rather keep it than deal with the hassle of returning but I don't like it much and I wouldn't order it again.

by Breanne L. >> See more reviews

Doesn't hold up.

I bought this less than a year ago and it has already broken. I mounted it correctly on my small SUV. I open/close the lift gate only 2-3x a week, which I don't think is excessive. But apparently this item is not made well enough to stand up to that kind of use. Now every time I open/close the lift gate or go over a bump in the road it rattles like crazy. I live in the south, so it's not like we get super cold temperatures that could've made it brittle, it's just cheap plastic.