Mountain bikers are increasingly going to Crank Bros for their pedals. Why? Well, 4-sided entry makes Crank Bros easier to clip into. The Candy 1 Mountain Pedal also features a mid-sized platform so they're great for trails that have a lot of drop and launch. Plus, chromoly construction is strong enough to handle the gnarliest landings and keep it nice and stiff for efficiency. Pedal bodies feature and are made of lightweight, 1-piece composite with stamped steel wings for lasting, dependable performance with a mid-sized platform Easy 4-sided entry into the cleat-retention mechanism makes these pedals a snap to engage with the included premium brass crankbrothers cleats Forged chromoly steel spindles are paired with cartridge outer bearings and bushing inner bearings for dependable, smooth spinning 15° to 20° float crankbrothers Candy 1 bike pedals should only be used with the included crankbrothers cleats, which will fit almost any SPD-compatible shoes
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Manufacturer: Crank Bros.
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by Trapper D. Mize >> See more reviews

Awesome pedal, but upgrade to the Candy 2!

I like these pedals, but not as much as my Candy 2s. Spend the extra for at least the 2s if you ride in the city or on mtb trails. I laid my fixed gear down once to avoid hitting a car that cut me off, and I now can't get the end cap off that pedal to service the bearing because the plastic wore down past the groove. The metal end caps on the next level candy pedals would have prevented this! Otherwise, I still love riding with my Candy pedals! This is my second pair, and I'll likely get them again (just make sure to get at least the Candy 2)

Best pedals for the money

I've been mountain biking for about two years now and thought when I started that I'd NEVER be crazy enough to "clip in" on some of the steep, rocky and thrilling trails here in Arizona. The more I got into MTB, the more I noticed most of the top XC trail riders all clip I finally relented and decided to give it a try. What I can say about these pedals is, that they work flawlessly and if you compare them to the multitude of pedals, they come in WAY below most other top brands. These are well-made and likely one of the most popular models of clip in MTB pedals---for a reason. I'm still trying to develop the rote muscle-memory necessary to use them to their full potential, but I'm confident that day will come. Until then, I'll just keep asking my sweetheart to pull cactus needles out of my back and butt and keep at it until I can truly reap the benefits of fusing your feet to the pedals of your bike. You can certainly spend more.....hundreds more........on high-end pedals but I don't think you'll get any better ones.

by Diesel Dennis >> See more reviews

Great replacement for worn out Candy

These were purchased to replace an older set of Candy 1 pedals. These require a larger hex key (8 mm?) than previous version, so I had to search my tool box rather than my normal bike tool kit. Work great - repairable (with kit). My family has many sets of Crank Brothers pedals and they keep making them better.

by Paul Roberts >> See more reviews

Easier than I expected

I bought SPD pedals 2 years ago, put them on my bike, but couldn't get them to clip in/out with any confidence, and went back to flats. A couple of months ago I went riding with a friend who recently bought a set of Crank Brothers Candy pedals and I noticed how easy it was for him to clip in/out, so I decided to give them a shot. I only practiced clipping in/out for maybe 5 minutes and was impressed with how easy it was, so I went out on the trail and have been using them ever since. The only issue I have with using clipless pedals is that it can take a few seconds to get my left foot clipped in when I am starting out, as I clip in my right foot first. Sometimes it clips in immediately and other times it takes some 'searching' to find the right spot. I am sure that after a while this issue will go away.One advantage that I have found using the clipless pedals is that my feet stay on the pedals going through technical sections where occasionally they would slip off with flats.

Okay for beginners

I am an avid competitive cyclist. I ordered these for my girlfriend's new cross bike. I have the candy 2 for my cross bike and we didn't realize the candy 1 are plastic instead of metal. She found them to be very stiff and had a hard time getting her foot in because she couldn't feel the metal cleating and place it where it would click in. She is used to clipping in and out of a road bike pedal, which is usually more difficult. I think they are great for beginners, one they are broken in.

by justin vegan >> See more reviews

excellent system

these are excellent pedals and cleats. this system works very well, and has lots of clearance for debris to get out of the way. easy to get in and out of. you can also us them as standard pedals if you don't have you bike shoes. i love them.

by D. Harris >> See more reviews

Best pedals yet

I got these to replace some old shimano SPDs since my other bike used Crank bros mallets. These are the best pedals hands down for their price. Simple design, not affected by mud or water or dirt. Should last the life of the bike.

by Joshua H. >> See more reviews

Labeled as Candy 3 pedal, but it's Candy 1! Terrible mislabeling!

This is improperly labelled at a crank brothers candy 3 pedal, when it is in fact a crank brothers candy 1 pedal. Be aware, and look at the reviews of the crank brothers candy 1 pedal before purchasing this, as those reviews will more accurately reflect this product.

by Marc Gevers >> See more reviews

Amazing entry-level pedals

I've used clipless pedals for many many years, on racing bikes and mountain bikes. I've loved the idea of the eggbeater pedal for a really long time but haven't gotten round to trying them til now. I chose the Candys as an intro to the CrankBrothers range. They have the added bonuses of being color-coded to my dark grey and green FELT bike and having platforms so that if I want to spin down to the 7-11 with normal sneakers, I'm not gotten to go nuts. Good quality plastic, high quality springs - the first use was seamless and just felt right! I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a basic clipless pedal to use on a recreational basis. Honestly, if you want something to compete in, I'd recommend going for the Candy 2 or 3 because they're all metal and so will handle more abuse.

new peddles

I bough these to replace my look bindings and very happy I did. I don't need anything super-fancy, but was tired of the difficulty in mounting/dismounting my other peddles. These are very well made and look great. You won't regret getting these unless you compete professionally and need $300 peddles.