Black Mountain Products single resistance bands are made out of the highest quality rubber to ensure maximum life and are 99 percent latex free. These bands are ideal for physical therapy, exercise, weight loss, Pilates, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, stretching, rehabilitation and general health and fitness. B.M.P. resistance bands are great for home use, gym use, offices and are ideal for travel. B.M.P. single resistance bands are a great alternative to conventional weights and exercise equipment. All Black Mountain Products Resistance bands come with a manufactures warranty.
Manufacturer: Black Mountain Products
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Very good, but...

I find the BMP bands and handles to be perfect for my needs. After years of using dumbbells I began to have severe elbow pain and found resistance bands were just as effective, and my elbow pain disappeared. I use SPRI bands and BMP bands. I prefer BMP because the bands and handles are sold separately, providing much more flexibility than SPRI where the handles are permanently attached to the bands. Also, BMP offers higher resistance bands, like the 45-50 lbs. purple band. But... I find the BMP bands and handles don't last very long. The bands I use most need to be replaced about every four months or so. I've had handles break and bands fray. I haven't found anything better, so I simply buy new ones every few months.

by UpDownAllAround >> See more reviews

Great Product with one tiny critique...

I have about 15 of the black mountain stretchy resistance cords. I think they're great. My only negative is that I wish they came with a small piece of fabric on the tube so that when you stand on them, put 'em under a bench, wrap it around a pole, etc. that the fabric would take the wear & tear and NOT the tube. An easy/cheap fix is to slip something like a sock (with the toes cut out) around the tubing if you. Other than that little critique... I love these and highly recommend them.

I can switch my 30-35lbs dumbbells for these

I weigh almost 350lbs at 6’3”. Former football player, wrestler, lacrosse play, and active at the gym, but this atomic band is by far the toughest band I have ever used. In reality, I can switch my 30-35lbs dumbbells for these and still get the same or better results.

by CJ Martin >> See more reviews

Great addition to the set

I have always had great luck with the Black Mountain stackable resistance bands. They have served me well as I have made my way through P90X and P90X2. This thicker band is a great addition to the regular stackable set because it replaces stacking the red and black bands to give higher resistance. Great product that makes switching between exercises just a bit faster.

by JACK LOBO >> See more reviews

Get Some Extra Bands

You can buy any one of these bands you like. But if you recently bought the upgraded Black Mountain 5 band clip-on set, the two bands to get are the orange and the purple. Adding those bands to that set will bring your workouts to the next level.

Work fine if you are tiny framed and will never use more than 1 band at a time ... Carabiner ends are pathetic

The bands themselves are excellent. However the tiny carabiners (metal connecting hooks) are the tiniest and most anemic I have ever seen - even on their largest band sets. I have used such bands for many years to exercise because I have traveled a lot, and these carabiners are the most disappointing of the products I have - from 4 different manufacturers. The tiny size becomes a real limiting factor when trying to hook onto many metal handles. I won't buy any more from this company unless this design is changed.

BMP customer service is amazing!!!

This is the first review I write on Amazon and I have been using Amazon for years now. I purchased "Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band Carrying Case" In October of 2012. After three months of heavy use, "P90x program". The red band broke, the heaviest in the group. I called the customer service number and BMP replaced the band within three days. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, it was an incredibly easy process. I went on to break the red one again within a month I called again and once again NO ISSUE. During the conversation It was recommended that i needed heavier weight resistance. The guy included the heavier Orange band for FREE when he shipped the red band. I then purchased this Purple band. It has worked incredibly. The bands are legit, very durable I have used these bands pretty much every day for the last nine months. AND if you happen to break the band with "normal wear and tear" the staff at BMP is incredible and willing to work with you. NEED to know: this includes ONLY the band, I recommend getting the set it includes the lighter bands and the clips. You need the clips in order to use product. Great for programs like p90x and tapout Xtreme

by WayneChicago >> See more reviews

Wow, robust!

Wow, this is an amazing band. When I first saw it, I thought the price steep at $20 for one band, no handles. But, I am wrong. If you have any BMP set--or any band set with removable handles--this will work. The construction is stout. It is very hard to pull this thing fully. The thickness is like a stout rope, and there are no blemishes, cuts, cracks or issues along the entire length. It's heavy, as in well-made. I truly love that the ends are extremely solid, which is reassuring as, if this thing ever gave way, one would be to the oral surgeon to have posts and caps for missing teeth. But, I have no sense of giving way. I am so very glad I bought this. From what I have read online, BMP is exceptional with customer service, so if I run into issues, I'll buzz them up; for now, no need. Exceptional product well worth the price for years of service. Thanks, BMP. I follow @BMPFitness on twitter.

by T. Chiappisi >> See more reviews

I highly recommend NOT purchasing these items as they are DANGEROUS

I used this product for just a month or so before three of the bands broke. I now have a welt on my back due to the last one. I highly recommend NOT purchasing these items as they are DANGEROUS. If that hit my eye I would be blind. I should have learned my lesson after the first two snaps.

by Edward O'Neill >> See more reviews

Atomic Green band falls short, the rest of them are great.

The band is well made as are all the BMP stuff, I have every color/resistance level and multiples of some bands. I travel for work and made my own kit to have a traveling gym since most hotel gyms stink when it comes to wanting to work with weights. I bought the atomic green specifically to do weighted squats to stack with my purple and red bands with a goal of being about 175-180 pounds. This band is STRONG. I would argue that it quickly exceeds 75lbs resistance and maybe is not designed to really stretch much. I cannot stand on this band alone and get it to stretch around and up to my shoulders so I can do a squat.I can use 2 purple and 1 red (which should be about 110lbs in stacked resistance to do it). So it is not a strength problem, but a design one. Using the door anchor and trying to do lat pull downs or chest presses, this band actually springs me back a bit, but that is okay, I just brace my feet at the base of the door and lean forward to add some core work. If I had to do it over again, I would have purchased more purple bands as they are more versatile. It is clearly a strong band, but not able to stretch and provide the range of possible exercises the rest of the bands in the system can. I would give the BMP bands overall easily a 5/5 given price, warranty, and quality, while I would give the atomic green at best a 2/5 given the issues.