More effective at repelling biting flies than DEET, Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent with 20 Percent Picaridin is also effective against the Yellow Fever Mosquito, which can transmit the Zika Virus. Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent was also reviewed by Consumer Reports as the Fisherman's Formula in its list of safe and effective insect repellents (February 2016).

Available as both a spray and lotion, Sawyer's Picaridin-based insect repellent is safe to use on the whole family, and it's great for applying to skin as well clothing, outdoor gear, and more. It offers effective protection against common disease carrying nuisances like mosquitoes and ticks, and Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent is also is effective at repelling biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies.

The long-lasting topical spray with 20 percent Picaridin is effective for up to 12 hours against mosquitoes and ticks (14 hours for lotion), and and both provide up to 8 hours of protection against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. The non-greasy spray and lotion have a pleasant low odor that evaporates when dry, and they won't damage plastics of synthetic coatings.

Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent is safe for use on clothing, backpacks, synthetic fabrics, watches, sunglasses, and more. It's available in a 4-ounce spray bottle, airline approved 3-ounce spray bottle, easily pocketable 0.5-ounce pen spray tube, and 4-ounce lotion bottle. Since 1984, Sawyer Products has offered one of the best, most technologically advanced solutions for protection against sun, bugs, water, and injuries.

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Manufacturer: Sawyer, Inc.
Size: 4-Ounce
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Great for ticks and chiggers. OK for mosquitoes.

I have never been a fan of putting Deet on my skin. It doesn't feel right to me and I do not care for the smell. I spend lots of time outdoors hiking and going on multi-day backpacking trips, so I need something that gives me good protection from biting insects. I have tried many of the natural repellents. They hardly worked at repelling insects but helped to repel humans. The smells were too intense and I regretted putting them on. I read about Picaridin as a gear safe alternative to Deet and that it had been used for years in Europe with great results. My first weekend using this product turned out to be a low mosquito weekend. Everyone else in the group had ticks on them and a couple had chigger bites. I had not one tick nor chigger bite on me. I was instantly sold on it and bought more. Subsequent hikes while using Picaridin have left me without ticks and chiggers. Hikes without using the stuff always ends with chigger bites and more than half w/ a tick or two on me. I have now used Picaradin on a handful of weekend trips and here is what I have noticed: The good: - It is much nicer on the skin than Deet. The scent is nicer as well. - Ticks and chiggers really do hate this stuff. If that is your concern, buy this. You will not regret it. The bad: - It does not seem to cover the same area as Deet - What I mean by that is that I with Deet products, I spray them trying to cover every inch of exposed skin but am sure that I miss some. This has not been a problem in the past. When using Picaradin, I can tell exactly where I missed because I will have 5 mosquito bites all in a line in a hard to reach area of my body (i.e. the back of my arm elbow). - I find myself using a larger quantity of this per usage than I would with a Deet product. - I think this product would be great as a pre-moistened wipe to help with the overall coverage. I currently am using Picardin on the lower part of my body where ticks and chiggers are hanging out and use a Deet product on my upper body. This seems to give me the best protection from all biting insects.

Picaridin vs Deet

Sawyer SP544 Insect Repellent, 20 Percent Picaridin, 4-Ounce Spray I was reluctant to try this as opposed to Deet but when I read the European military results I decide to give it a try and was very pleased. I wouldn't say it worked better than Deet but Picaridin worked equally well without the oily feeling, and Deet you have to be careful that you don't get it on plastic. Once you spray this on the only way you can tell you are wearing it is because you are not getting eaten up by mosquitoes. It just has a slight lemon smell at first. The only thing I found that it didn't work on was deer flies but Deet products didn't work on them either. Also I am comparing this with 100% deet products as I always buy the strongest strength available, and 20% Picaridin is the strongest available.

works, odorless, and less scary to use

Here in Dallas we currently have a big West Nile virus scare. Way too many cases of it to feel comfortable, especially since many of those cases are the ones where the virus affects you neurologically. So I'm taking mosquito repelling seriously. But I can't stand the stink of all the insect repellents, especially the fake perfumey ones that contain DEET. But even if I could buy odorless DEET repellent online, there is still the concerns about neurological effects with regular use of DEET, particularly the higher concentrations which last for longer than a handful of minutes. So with a little research for alternatives, I ran into Picaridin. Apparently the Europeans prefer it over DEET. The World Health Organization likes it. Various hunting clubs and nature clubs like it. Consumer Reports liked it. And I believe I'd like to join the bunch. I've used it four times at my community garden, and no mosquito bites yet. Mind you, I'm usually there an hour or two before sunset, which happens to be prime mosquito time. On this past fourth time I even dared to walk through a certain lawn that harbors chiggers, and I have no bites to report. Though one time is not conclusive evidence that it works against our chiggers, but it raises my hopes. This spray does not irritate my skin (with or without sunscreen). And while it does have a faint lemony-alcohol smell when you first spray it on, that smell quickly disappears. Minutes later I can put my nose to my skin and I can't smell it. Which is wonderful, because now when I drive home from the garden, I'm not suffocating in the confined space because of the offensive perfume they put in just about all DEET sprays out there. And I don't believe it has a greasy feel like DEET sprays, though I can't be sure because I usually put on sunscreen with it. Oh, and I'm guessing I won't get anymore blue stains on my car's leather seats from the (DEET) insect repellent melting the blue dyes on my gardening tote.

by EskimoBlueDay >> See more reviews

Fantastic bug repellant

Not long ago I went to an island that was having a huge burst in the mosquito population. Since Dengue Fever was present I wanted to bug proof myself as much as possible. The problem was Deet would melt my diving equipment (any plastic/rubber really) if I accidently got any Deet on it. Picaridin won't dammage my equipment and Sawyer's has the highest concentration I could find. In short, I spent two weeks without getting a single bite while others were getting eaten alive. Picaridin is also scented nicely and dries so you don't feel all greasy.

by William G. Etter >> See more reviews

Good protection for biting flies

The Summer of 2010 was a really bad one for biting flies on the Chicago Lake Michigan beaches a block and a half from our home. Fortunately we had just returned from a vacation in Florida for which we bought 3 different types of insect repellent; a 20% DEET product, a popular Lemon Eucalyptus based product and Sawyer's 20% Picardin spray. We proceeded to use all three at various times and of them the Sawyer was the only one truly effective against the flies. (The Lemon Eucalyptus product just seemed to amuse them and, while the DEET containing spray was mildly effective against the casual pacifist fly with no real ambition, it withered before the truly determined pest and most of all when they swarmed ... as I said, a bad summer for flies.) With the added benefit of not being DEET (with all of its problems and concerns) there was no question of which product we were going to re-order for this Summer. In fact I just did.

by Sam Adams >> See more reviews

Really works and doesn't melt your plastic items

After having a friend borrow and dissolve the rubber armor on my Orion binoculars by using DEET repellant and not thoroughly cleaning his hands before touching my glasses, I tried the Picaridin in my New England woods (ticks) and on a trip to Sri Lanka (mosquitoes). It worked extremely well in both places and did not mess up any of my gear or clothing. I recommend this to anyone as an effective and safer for equipment alternative to DEET.

by Stephanie Joyce >> See more reviews

Effective insect repellent, love that it comes in a lotion

I've travelled to Latin America in the past and used to rely on deet, but for my recent trip to Costa Rica I was pretty paranoid about the Zika virus and chose this insect repellent because it was recommended by Consumer Report. Two weeks later, I am zika free and only had 3 bites (probably because I went swimming a lot and the repellent could've washed off). For future reference, I got some of those bites at night with 2 on my ankle so applying at night and on your feet is just as important. I like that this picaridin insect repellant came in lotion form because it was so easy to apply. I wish that I had gotten more though because that 4 ounces almost ran out between the two people. The best part is that it's pretty much scentless (compared to deet, which just smells incredibly toxic if you use too much). I definitely recommend

by Southern Family >> See more reviews

After several hours in the woods, No Bites!!!

Finally ... A repellent that isn't DEET based and doesn't smell insanely gross. Picked this up last week, and have used twice with great results! The first being Saturday ... Walking a lot we are in the process of buying. 2 Acres of Hardwoods, ton's of brush and thickets, and lots of briers. The previous weekend I had gone out and came back with quite a few chigger bites that still itch to this day. This past Saturday 8/15/2015 -- Happy to report I spent and hour in the woods, with ZERO chigger or mosquito bites!!! WOOO HOOO!!! First time walking this property without getting bit! I am now a true beliver in Picaridin! Pro's: 1) WORKS as advertised! No chigger, mosquito, or tick bites! 2) Goes on clear, and rubs in well. 3) Does not leave an oily/residue feeling like DEET products can. 4) Supposedly healthier than DEET? 5) NO SMELL!!! No off putting smells like so many other bug repellents. 6) Great 3oz size for travel! Con's: 1) Relatively expensive, with not much competition. With the only con being the price, its a small price to pay to stay bit free :) Already plan to buy another bottle!

by Nick Menezes >> See more reviews

HIGHLY recommended

My husband and I purchased this for our trip to Akumal and Cancun Mexico. We were going to underground swimming parks and jungles and had heard nightmare stories about the bugs, however, the area we were going to had strict rules against chemical sunscreens and bug sprays. After much research we decided on this, and we were NOT disappointed! It takes longer to apply, as you have to rub it on each and ever millimeter of your body (rather than a quick OFF spray), but I will never travel without it. We went an entire week with not 1 bug bite!

Bugs be gone

I bought this for use in Peru, primarily for use in the amazon rain forest and the inca trail. I fared as well or better than the rest of the group who used only OFF (deet product).